This website has not been updated for some years. As of September 2004, a new website - Solidarity South Pacific - has superseded this, though this website has been left as it may still contain useful content.

bougainville freedom movement

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Bougainville is an island in the Pacific, East of Papua. The people there have been in a long struggle to rid themselves of the forces of colonialism. The Bougainville Freedom Movement is the name chosen by the revolutionaries. This site carries news updates from there, and some background information.

A good introduction is Bougainville: the Long Struggle for Freedom, By Moses and Rikha Havini.

There is still trouble there now, communications with the outside world are very difficult.

map of island

Click on the map to get a larger version in a new window. There is a more detailed scalable map of the island here in .pdf format.

The Drawings Gallery has some drawings done by bougainville children who went through the war years. They say more than words can.

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