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Voices from the Ecological Resistance

This site is an archive of Do or Die magazine. Do or Die was an occasional journal published in the UK from 1992-2003, crammed with reports and analysis from the world-wide ecological frontlines. The voices collected here are not those of outsiders, journalists or academics, but of those involved in the struggles themselves. In these times of concrete alienation these voices shine hope from movements that take action to defend nature, create revolution and re-wild humanity.

NEW! The Earth First! Journal interviewed the ex-editors of Do or Die in late 2006. The interview covers the origins and role of Do or Die, the reaction to 'Down With The Empire, Up With The Spring!' and the state of the ecological movement in Britain today.

Do or Die Issue 10

Down with the Empire! Up with the Spring!
After 10 years of radical ecological resistance in Britain, it's time to look back on our actions and forward to our future.
SHAC Attack!
Ideas on strategy and tactics from the hard hitting animal liberation campaign.
My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys!
An interview with a radical American Indian eco-activist Rod Coronado.
Reaping the Whirlwind
Action reports and suggestions from our war of sabotage against GM crops.
Fanning the Flames!
Arson around with the Earth Liberation Front in North America.
With United Hearts and Fighting Fists
News from radical struggles in Central and South America.
Our Bodies, Our Lives!
Anarcho-feminist health, healing and herbs.
Social Centres
Stable bases for radical politics or a compromise too far?
South Pacific Solidarity
Direct action in support of indigenous ecological and libertarian struggles in the Pacific.
Plunder on the Barbary Coast
The occupation of Western Sahara and the resistance to it.
Carry on Camping!
Up trees, down tunnels and in the face of developers with action camp based resistance.
Return to Paradise
What would really happen if London went back to nature? How would it look in years to come?
Size Isn’t Everything!
Living with the wild and anarchic hunter/gatherer pygmies of the Congo basin rainforest.
Peat Alert!
Digger-diving and machine sabbing with the campaign to defend Britain's peat bogs.
Occupational Hazards
An interview about the reality of solidarity work in Palestine.
And prisoner listings, book reviews, letters, contacts and much more!

384 pages, fully illustrated throughout.

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This Website

We're working on getting all the articles from all the back issues up on-line, but as far as we know there are no surviving electronic versions of issues 1-5, so we're currently scanning these in. The purpose of this site is to make the material we have published available in searchable and copiable digital format. The material is as published apart from layout and the addition of hypertext-linked references. There are no copyright restrictions on the material for non-profit uses.

To those who haven't come across a paper version of Do or Die before, the length of the magazine may come as a bit of a surprise: Issue 10 is more of a book with its 384 pages!

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"They're all just a load of alcoholic anarchists."
- Christopher Chope (Roads Minister 1990-1992)

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