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Do or Die Issue 10

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A Collective Suicide Note

For various very compelling reasons we have decided that this is the last ever issue of Do or Die that will be produced. We'll continue to work on the distribution of this issue, and are engaged in maintaining the web site and dealing with general requests - as well as various other radical projects. As this is the last ever issue we are not taking any subscribers, submissions or pre-orders, but donations to help us clear our huge printing debts of about £6,000 would be very gratefully received. Any extra (HA!) will be put towards radical ecological direct action. Ten years, gone in a flash… The black helicopters are circling our compound. With our glasses of poison, we salute you, comrades!

Do or Die - Digging out the avalanche of capitalism with the spatula of activism since 1992.

Down with Empire! Up with Spring! (p. 1)
After over a decade of radical ecological resistance in Britain, it's time to look back on our actions and look forward to our future.
SHAC Attack! (p. 102)
Targeting companies animal rights style. One by one the animal abusers are picked off... strategic lessons from the hard-hitting SHAC campaign.
My Heroes Always Killed Cowboys! (p. 112)
An interview with Rod Coronado: radical American Indian eco-activist talks about sinking whaling ships and the spiritual value of sabotage.
Reaping the Whirlwind (p. 125)
Action reports and suggestions for our war of sabotage against the biotech industry.
Don't Mention the War! (p. 132)
The new book from our fellow Brightonians at SchNEWS is dedicated to the global resistance to the war.
Animal Antics (p. 133)
Beating the bipeds! Our comrades from the animal nations hit back...
Movement as Monoculture? (p. 135)
Outreaching the cliquè. A personal view on becoming involved in eco-action.
Fanning the Flames! (p. 137)
The Earth Liberation Front in North America. Why you should jack in your job and start burning shit down.
Columbia (p. 140)
The third world war has already started!
Plan Columbia's New Canal (p. 148)
'Empire of death' for the river people.
Life's a Beach (p. 151)
The archipelago of Kuna Yala. Indigenous autonomy in Panama.
Blatant Product Placement (p. 154)
San Francisco's Police Department claims Red Bull helps them fight communists and anarchists.
Plan Puebla Panama (p. 155)
Grassroots resistance to neoliberalism in Mesoamerica.
Mapuche Land: Mapuche Life (p. 159)
Indigenous resistance in Chile.
United Hearts and a Fighting Fist (p. 164)
The struggles of the landless of Guatemala.
Pipeline vs. Treesit? No Contest! (p. 167)
Resistance to oil in Ecuador.
Cloudforest Tree-Sit Journal (p. 169)
Account of the Ecuadorian tree-sit against an oil pipeline.
Mujeres Creando (p. 173)
The anarcho-feminism of the streets in Bolivia.
Bolivia: Insurrection Now! (p. 178)
Young Bolivian anarchists speak out.
No Second Slavery! (p. 180)
Miners and maroons in Surinam. The story of the Jungle Commandos.
Our Bodies, Our Lives! (p. 183)
Feminist health, healing and herbs.
Space Invaders (p. 185)
Social dis-centres or stable bases for radical political culture? Includes a list of UK social centres and autonomous spaces.
South Pacific Solidarity (p. 192)
Actions in support of indigenous ecological and libertarian struggles in the Pacific.
Plunder on the Barbary Coast (p. 197)
The occupation of Western Sahara and the resistance to it.
Carry on Kabylia! (p. 207)
Report on the anti-state uprising in Algeria.
Carry on Camping! (p. 211)
Up trees, down tunnels and in the face of developers everywhere. The resurgence of camp based resistance.
Fuelling Conflict (p. 213)
Taking on the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline. A preparatory offensive against global oil's latest infrastructure.
Without a Trace (p. 215)
The anonymous history of everyday small scale resistance to the machinery of oppression.
Return to Paradise (p. 218)
What would really happen if London went back to nature? How would it look in 5, 50 and 500 years? How would nature take control again?
Size Isn't Everything (p. 223)
The pygmies of the West African rainforest: living with the anarchic hunter-gatherers of the Congo basin rainforest.
Wild Play (p. 236)
Radical ecological education for kids. Includes an interview with a Zapatista education worker.
Peat Alert! (p. 246)
Digger-diving, machine sabbing and carnivorous plants! The successful direct action campaign to defend Britain's world important raised peat bogs.
Insurrectionary Anarchy! (p. 258)
You won't get your liberation from anyone else. Here's the theory from those fighting for themselves, and for revolution now!
Sense of Place (p. 267)
A meditation on the wild and windswept ridge that is the little-known Stiperstones in Shropshire.
Hunt Sabotage (p. 272)
Getting out in the country, saving foxes and annoying the land-owning elite. What better way to spend your weekends?
Occupational Hazards (p. 274)
An interview with an activist from the International Solidarity Movement about the reality of solidarity work in Palestine.
Preparing for Prison (p. 283)
Ex-prisoner Mark Barnsley gives some good advice for those who may end up locked up.
Prisoners of War (p. 287)
They're in there for us, we're out here for them. Friends and comrades inside who need our support.
The Blake Escape (p. 296)
In 1966, the most notorious prisoner in Britain was miraculously sprung from jail. Here's the dramatic story.
Zine Scene Revolution (p. 299)
The world of those Xerox crazy kids sniffing toner in the office after closing time.

Book Reviews

"Books are but stepping stones to show you where other minds have been."
- John Muir (1834-1914)

The Battle of Seattle: The New Challenge to Capitalist Globalization (p. 310)

A Language Older than Words, by Derrick Jensen (p. 318)

Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerrilla, by Ann Hansen (p. 319)

The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic (p. 322)

Running on Emptiness: The Pathology Of Civilization, by John Zerzan (p. 330)

My Name is Chellis & I'm in Recovery from Western Civilisation, by Chellis Glendinning (p. 331)

Bloody Hell: The Price Soldiers Pay, by Dan Hallock (p. 335)

Wrench Your Head (Fiction Reviews) (p. 337)
Fed up with facts? Had it up to here with theory? Here's a bunch of made up stuff that's a whole lot more real than most non-fiction!
Consume these Products! (p. 343)
Listings of some of the radical books, zines and bits of propaganda that have caught our eyes over the last year or so.
Lettuce to the Cabbage (p. 355)
Our much loved and loathed letters pages. Increasingly populated by loonies...
Contacts (p. 377)
Six pages of addresses for eco-direct action groups, anarchist networks, radical publications and everything inbetween.
re-pressed distribution (p. 383)
(Advert) Re-pressed is a non-profit, green anarchist orientated book distribution and publishing project.

"We are free from today... Paralyse the country, you are your own leaders. Do or Die."

- MK Gandhi

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