Do or Die

An article from Do or Die Issue 10. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 1-101.

Down with the Empire! Up with the Spring!

After over a decade of radical ecological resistance in Britain, it's time to look back on our actions and look forward to the future.

It's time to CELEBRATE our resistance: digger diving, window smashing, pleasant picnicking, office occupying, hoody wearing, GM crop trashing, squat cracking, sun lit lovin', machine burning, treeliving - total fucking anarchy. It's time to MOURN for our moment. Over the last decade thousands of species have been wiped out of existence. Vast forests - charred stumps. Coral reefs bleached dead by warmed seas. Millions starved within the prison of civilisation. Wild peoples massacred, enslaved and pauperised. It's time to STRATEGISE how to make a real impact on this apocalypse. Look seriously at our strengths and weaknesses and pull together to RESIST. The empire is powerful but the spring is growing. It's a challenge like no other, but with love, luck and hard resolve we can TRANSCEND.

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