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An article from Do or Die Issue 10. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 383.


Re-pressed is a non-profit, green anarchist orientated book distribution and publishing project. We offer a selection of books, zines and pamphlets focusing on a critique of the totality that is civilisation. This is a small selection of our stock. For a catalogue please send an stamped addressed envelope.

re-pressed distribution
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re-pressed distribution

John Zerzan

Elements of Refusal (£9)
Second edition of this important work. Essential reading.
Future Primitive (£4.50)
Includes 'The Nihilist's Dictionary', 'The Catastrophe of Postmodernism' and 'The Mass Psychology of Misery'.
Running on Emptiness (£8)
Latest collection of Zerzan's writings.

Fredy Perlman

Anything Can Happen (£3.50)
Collected writings.
Against His-Story, Against Leviathan (£5)
Perlman's seminal work.
Having Little, Being Much (£4)
A biography of Fredy Perlman by Lorraine Perlman.

Derrick Jensen

A Language Older Than Words (£9)
A brilliant and disturbing look at human nature. A very accessible introduction to the problems of our civilisation.
Listening to the Land (£9)
Interviews with various people including Dave Foreman, Ward Churchill and Christopher Manes.
The Culture of Make-Believe (£15)
Inspiring writings delving into civilisation's dark heart.

Bob Black

Anarchy after Leftism (£6)
An amusing and vitriolic response to Murray Bookchin's Stalin-like attack on what he perceives as "lifestyle anarchism".

John Moore

Anarchy and Ecstasy (£2)
Attempting to take anarchist thought beyond its all-too-often dreary confines.
An Introduction to Anarcho-Primitivism (donation)
Two short introductions to the ideas around anarcho-primitivist thought.

We also stock many Situationist and Insurrectionist writings.

We have a large selection of zines and periodicals, such as:

re-pressed publications

The Luddite War on Industry: A Tale of Machine-Breaking and Spies (50p)
Short history and analysis of Luddite resistance.
Industrial Society and its Future by FC (£2)
New edition of the text better known as 'The Unabomber's Manifesto'. This edition includes an interview with Ted Kaczynski, the man imprisoned for the Unabomber actions, 'Whose Unabomber?' by John Zerzan and 'He Means It - Do You?' also by John Zerzan.
Against the Corpse Machine (£1)
A post-leftist critique of violence.
Rise of the West by John Conner (£3)
A brief outline of the last 1000 years from an anarcho-primitivist perspective.
Children of Guinea by John Conner (£3)
The story of one of the only successful slave revolts in history.
Some People Push Back by Ward Churchill (£1)
A dissident analysis of September 11th and US imperialism.
History of AIM (£1.50)
A look at the American Indian Movement during the '70s and the case of Leonard Peltier.

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