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An article from Do or Die Issue 10. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 154.

Blatant Product Placement

March 21, the day after the war on Iraq started, saw huge protests in San Francisco. It was clearly a long day for the police. Roughly 1,500 of the Police Department's 2,300 officers were on street duty and managed to arrest up to 1,400 people before the day was out. "After 16 hours of fighting communists and anarchists, a Red Bull can help us go another 16 hours," said Sgt. Rene Laprevotte as he bought two cans of the energy drink at a Fifth Street market. "We're here as long as they are." The demonstrators were varied in their tactics. One punk-as-fuck group of demonstrators calling themselves "Pukers for Peace" vomited on the steps of the Federal Building, while the no less bizarre "Crafty Bitches, Knitting for Peace," knitted at Fourth and Market streets. "Today we saw a ratcheting-up from legal protest to absolute anarchy," said Assistant Police Chief Alex Fagan Sr., a 30-year department veteran. "These people were bent on shutting the city down, and we're not going to allow that."

And to try this at home...

Drink ipecac, a syrup used to make kids puke after they eat something dodgy: "Ipecac is really popular with anarchists in Portland. What they do is to make up a batch of mashed potatoes and dye some red, leave some white, and dye some blue. Then each person eats one colour. And you wait until the president's motorcade arrives. And then you drink ipecac and barf red, white and blue on the motorcade and throughout the hotel."

(The Big Issue, September 9-15 2002)

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