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An article from Do or Die Issue 3. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 6.

News from Somerset

The Rover 620’s posh unveiling ceremony at Vincents showroom in Yeovil was going terribly well, that was until of course Boiler Suit Bob of South Somerset EF! sabotaged the event.

Walking into the showroom through a crowd of suited modem day Romans, armed with his ‘I’m a rich executive disguise’, and his strangely acquired invitation card, he went straight over to the new £19,000 planet killing monster and pretended that he wanted to check the comfy leather seats inside.He gently sat down and then immediately handcuffed himself to the steering wheel, shouting slogans along the lines of ‘millions inhale poison in under a global Autoreich’. Police were baffled when their superdooper skeleton keys failed to unlock his cuffs - it was quite a while before they realised that they were dealing with a toy set bought for £7.95 at the nearby joke shop. Eventually the local magician was called in to unlock our Bob. The police couldn’t bring themselves to arrest someone in a suit so our Bob runs free.

At the February action against the huge ARC quarry (which is busy turning the Mendip Hills to Mendip holes and transporting the byproduct as road stone to Twyford) there were 30 arrests, 29 kept over night. ARC dropped all the cases against the demonstrators and so the EF!ers took to suing the police for ‘wrongful arrest’. As a further insult Twyford rapists Tarmac plc have bought up many of ARC’s subsidiaries. On the 12th of July, 45 activists returned and stopped all the exploding all day! More actions are planned so get in contact.

The Department of Tarmac are planning an alteration to the A30 in Yeovil to destroy the bank of the River Yeo so that the road will join a new Sainsburys, (built on a greenfield site). South Somerset EF!ers are working with the local community to lay foundations for a campaign which will get more radical as time goes on!

On the 20th of June a dozen people invaded Great Mills DIY in Yeovil. Banners were hung from the roof and red smoke bombs were let off in the store. The fire brigade were called and customers were evacuated from the store for 20 minutes. Great Mills have since hired two full time security guards to protect their store. This is the fourth action at this store and they will continue…

- Wisteria the Changeling.

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