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An article from Do or Die Issue 7. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 149-157.

Alternative Zine Reviews

Monkeywrenching the Media Monoculture

"What harm can a book do that costs a hundred crowns? Twenty volumes of anything will never make a revolution - it is the little pocket pamphlets that they should fear." - Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

In this issue of Do or Die we have decided to include a number of brief reviews of some publications that we feel have something worthwhile to contribute to the fight to destroy the current system. Although not all the publications below could be called underground or alternative, that is our main focus for the reviews in this section, because in the wake of the 'GAndALF' trial (see article in this issue of Do or Die) it is vital that the radical press cannot be silenced. The State's attempts at censorship will only be beaten by making sure there are too many different publications for them to suppress.

But (explicitly) political or not, all zines are important. Good, bad or indifferent, they give us a taste of the myriad bizarre obsessions and experiences out there, and of the multitude of voices (people like you and me) clamouring to be heard. Because of this the primary value of zine culture lies in breaking the suffocating media monopoly, creating communication, and who knows… maybe even community. Diversity and multiplicity is our strength - so support these publications or they may disappear. Or even better - do your own zine!

The inclusion of a publication in this list does not imply total agreement with their politics, and equally, if any publication is not listed, it does not mean we disagree with their views. Nearly all of the publications below run on giros, people's own wages or donations, and so are almost always on the point of financial ruin. So when writing enclose an SAE (Stamped self-Addressed Envelope), and if you can afford it then send a donation as well - especially to the ones that are free. Happy reading!

Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter "The Animal Liberation Front is the single most destructive terrorist organisation in the world" - John Thompson of the MacKenzie Institute for the Study of Terrorism, Revolution and Propaganda (!). The ALFSG Newsletter has had its its editor hauled up on 'conspiracy to incite' charges along with the editors of Green Anarchist for reporting animal liberation actions. The newsletter contains updates on prisoners, news, articles and reports of actions to free animals imprisoned for scientific research, food or fur. Published quarterly it's available for £1.50 from: ALFSG, BCM 1160, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. A4/19 pages.

Alternative Press Review "Your guide beyond the mainstream" Quarterly American review magazine - the Spring/Summer '97 issue contains articles on the state of the independent media, including articles on right wing talk radio and setting up a pirate radio station. Plus excerpted articles from reviewed publications, including Fifth Estate on cars and Green Anarchist on DIY media, lots of cool graphics and a big reviews section. One year subscription is $24. Make cheques to "C.A.L. Press" and send to: C.A.L. Press, POB 1446, Columbia, MO 65205 - 1446, USA. A4/66 pages.

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed is a US published magazine that claims it is neither left nor right - just uncompromisingly anti-authoritarian. With most of the articles written from an anti-ideological tendency critical of technology and civilisation it consistently prints some of the most intelligent writing around. The latest issue (Number 44 - Fall and Winter 1997/8) includes a chapter from the ongoing serialisation of 'The Revolution of Everyday Life' by Raoul Vaneigem, a piece on Guy Debord, reflections on the riots in New York 20 years ago, the ever interesting and amusing letters page as well as copious reviews and columns. For a 4 issue international subscription send $18 (payable to "C.A.L. Press") to: C.A.L. Press, POB 1313, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA. A4/83 pages.

Animals and Men is the UK's premier journal of 'cryptozoology': the study of unknown or mysterious animals. It features items as diverse as the many big cat sightings around the British Isles, lake and sea monster myths and titbits from the wilder shores of ecology, such as the recent invasion of the Thames by the Chinese Mitten crab (?!) I like their attitude too - it's good to see that their graphics are credited to the "Copyright Liberation Front". Subscriptions are £8 for 4 issues. Send to: The Centre for Fortean Zoology, 15 Holne Court, Exwick, Exeter, Devon, EX4 2NA, UK.

Arkangel is a big, fat, well produced animal lib magazine. It features a large section of local and national group reports, international news from everywhere and hunt sabbing news. Plus some longer articles and always the beautifully drawn front cover. Probably the best all-round animal lib magazine. Subscriptions are £8 for 4 issues. Send to: Arkangel, BCM 9240, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

Aufheben is an essential annual autonomist Marxist magazine. Issue 3 ('94) contains the best analysis to date of the anti-roads movement and issue 4 ('95) takes on the CJA and primitivism. The latest issue (No.6) covers the USSR, the Class War split and the Situationists. It would be well worth reading every issue of Aufheben; for example, their 1995 analysis of the contradictions in the anti-CJA movement (including "the world-view of the fluffy"!) still applies in many respects today. Copies are £2 each or £5 for a 3 issue subscription. Make cheques payable to "Aufheben" and send to: Aufheben, c/o PO Box 2971, Brighton, BN2 2TT, UK. A4/48 pages.

Auto-Free Times is the quarterly magazine of the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium. Number 11 (Spring '97) contains a hilarious selection of letters from redneck lunatic readers of Car and Driver magazine after it interviewed the editor of Auto-Free Times. Also an article on how NAFTA promises more highways, native resistance to roads in Panama and human-powered solutions including Brian Campbell's incredible house-bikes. Subscriptions are $30 ($15 low income) for 4 issues. Make cheques to "Alliance for a Paving Moratorium" and send to: PO Box 4347, Arcata, CA 95518, USA. A4/38 pages.

Autotoxicity is a beautifully produced, A4 spiral bound radical politics/culture zine. Issue 2 has articles on contemporary psychogeography, prisons and resistance in/to prisons, post-structuralist techno, The X-Files as auto-critique, some fiction, some reviews and some other stuff. From the "aggressive beggars and squeegee merchants of the left" who bring you Autotoxicity you can also obtain the excellent since-ceased-production but still available "Marxist climbing magazine" More Power Now! and the theoretical Communist Headache (£1 each plus SAE). Each issue of Autotoxicity costs £4 including p&p from: ATX, PO Box 298, Sheffield, S1 1NY, UK. A4/48 pages.

BBC Wildlife Magazine is surprisingly radical considering they sell it in every branch of WH Smiths. Very glossy and full of beautiful photographs, plus every issue a round-up of the state of global ecology and a guide to 'what's on in nature' for the month ahead. This isn't a political read but it is useful in order to learn a little more about the ecology we're fighting for and to give yourself a little morale boost. The February '98 issue features endangered parrots, the harpy eagle of Venezuela, the slowly becoming extinct European mink and a 'for and against' feature on Kangaroo meat. It costs £2.50 an issue or £30 for 12 issues/1 year. Make cheques/POs payable to "BBC Wildlife Magazine" and send to: BBC Wildlife, PO Box 425, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1GP, UK. A4/98pages.

A Ballad Against Work is a free (!) book produced by a group called Kamunist Kranti from India. 'Ballad' tells the story of the inexorable spread of the planetary work machine and emphasises the 'invisible' forms of resistance to it - sabotage, theft etc. The style makes an interesting change from straight theoretical writing - this is much more readable - more of a story. They have also published "Reflections on Marx's Critique of Political Economy". For a copy send an A4 SAE I guess, and I'm sure a donation wouldn't go amiss. Write (with no other mention) to: Majdoor Library, Autopin Jhuggi, N.I.T., Faridabad 121001, India. A4/62 pages.

Black and Green is a newspaper published by a collective of biocentric anarchists in the USA. This issue has articles on MOVE, the revolutionary green group that has undergone systematic state harassment and murder in Philadelphia, as well as a piece covering the alienation and ecological devastation caused by technology. For a copy send a donation to: Black and Green, POB 183, Harmony, ME, USA. Tabloid/4 pages.

Black Flag brings you class struggle anarchist news from around the world. Latest issue on Race, Class and Organisation: Anarchism in South Africa, drug gangs and the cops, Noam Chomsky. Still "excitingly irregular" but getting better. Issues cost £1.50 each or £6 for a 4 issue subscription from: BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

British Wildlife is a magazine for those who want to get a more in-depth appreciation of British natural history and conservation issues. It features long articles based on original research - but is remarkably still readable and accessible to the lay person. Includes an invaluable round-up of conservation and species news, stimulating debate between naturalist anoraks of every persuasion, and much else besides. Some of the views expressed here might not be to EF! tastes, but hell, unanimity is boring! Published bi-monthly, subscriptions are £18.45 for 1 year. Send to: Subscriptions Department, British Wildlife Publishing, Lower Barn, Rooks Farm, Rotherwick, Hook, Hants., RG27 9BG, UK.

Bypass is a bi-annual review mag for self-published zines and comics - like a smaller homegrown version of Factsheet 5. Includes a list of distros and a guide to "zine etiquette" plus loads of excellently nickable graphics to leaven the pages of reviews. Get beyond the mainstream and introduce yourself to the weird world of xerox culture. New one out soon. Costs £2.00 inc. postage from: Bypass, PO Box 148, Hove, BN3 3DQ, UK. A4/36 pages.

The Calendar Riots is a "a work entirely calculated to excite unbridled license in grown persons and promote immorality in the young ones of both sexes; decorated with ten copper plates curiously drawn and elegantly engraved." It is a beautifully produced pamphlet chronicling inspiring acts of resistance, as well as some more esoteric events from the past. The information is organised in the form of a year-long diary (which you can add to - it's interactive, mate!). For a copy send 50p in stamps to: Box B, 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ, UK. A5/75 pages.

Class War (Number 73) is "an open letter to the revolutionary movement". The final issue of Class War under the old management, ditching the traditional fare of page 3 hospitalised copper for an analysis of what's wrong with the revolutionary movement in this country and why it was decided to disband Class War. Some serious self-criticism of CW and its relation to the left, the media etc. (see also the latest Aufheben). Admirably honest, even-handed and intelligent. Definitely worth reading. (See also the entry for Smash Hits). CW73 costs 50p from: BM Box 5538, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.) Tabloid/16 pages.

Collective Action Notes latest issue (No.13) contains long analytical articles on the Liverpool Dockers, workers' struggles and trade unions in India, France after the '95 wave of strikes and riots, struggles in Canada and a debate with Kamunist Kranti about their Ballad Against Work (see above). Issues cost £1.50 each or £7 for a 4 issue subscription from: PO Box 22962, Balto., MD 21203, USA. Tabloid/28 pages.

Common Sense is the "Journal of the Edinburgh Conference of Socialist Economists", and not as boring as that makes it sound. One of the few outlets for autonomist writings by Harry Cleaver, Toni Negri, Sergio Bologna etc. Interesting reading for those wishing to explore where the class struggle is headed and what the prospects are for revolutionary social change. Issues are £3.95 each. Send to: Common Sense, c/o Werner Bonefeld, Dept. of Politics, University of York, Heslington, York Y01 5DD, UK. A5/89pages.

ContraFLOW is a top free anarcho news-sheet. It covers a wide diversity of struggles and being the London end of the European Counter Network there's lots of good coverage of struggles in Europe as well as stuff nearer home. Plus always cynical, forthright and witty opinions on matters of the moment. Free/donation from: ContraFLOW, c/o 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton Street, London, SE17, UK. Tabloid/6 pages.

Corporate Watch is an investigative mag that comes out every three months or so. Reveals not just corporate doings but the whole structure of big business. The winter '97 double issue contains a series of articles on the media, alternative and mainstream, hanging them around a report on the "GAndALF" trial. Plus stuff on globalisation, and the very scary Multilateral Agreement on Investment plus 48 pages of other excellent articles. From CW you can also obtain the rightfully famous "Corporate Watcher's Address Book" listing the principle and director's home addresses of "over 50 ethically challenged UK corporations". It costs £3.50 (£2 unwaged) from the same address. Latest (double) issue is £3 or subscriptions are £9 (£6 unwaged) for 6 issues. Make cheques/POs payable to "Corporate Watch" at: Box E, 111 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RQ, UK. A4/48 pages.

Counter-Information is a class struggle anarchist bulletin produced and distributed every few months by an independent collective based in central Scotland. Rather like Do or Die, CI goes for value for money (except unlike us it's free!) by packing as much information on to the paper as is conceivably possible. Loads of news on various struggles from around the world. Send SAE and donation to: Counter Information, c/o Transmission, 28 King St., Glasgow, G1 5QP, UK. A4/4 pages.

The Cruxifyer is a new free anarchist newsletter produced and distributed by a patient from a psychiatric hospital. It is the publication of the Cestre Cantre Anarchists who are a resistance group based in mental hospitals. The purpose of the newsletter is to be a regular update on occurrences from within the anarchist scene and as such it welcomes all contributions. For a copy send a SAE to: Cestre Cantre Anarchists, c/o Funky Junky, 505-507 Liverpool Road, London, N7 8NS, UK. A4/4 pages.

Delta is an occasional magazine of news and analysis on Shell and the Ogoni in the Niger delta. Number 3 (October '97) contains some excellent background on General Abacha's regime and reports of fightback and sabotage against Shell, plus the role of women in the struggle, Shell's secret history and more stuff on the nightmare of oil capitalism elsewhere in the world (Columbia, Chad, Mexico, Papua New Guinea etc.). "Please send Delta some money" they say - £2 or £3 I would guess, from: Delta, Box Z, 13 Biddulph Street, Leicester, LE2 1BH, UK. A4/40 pages.

Direct Action is the anarcho-syndicalist magazine of the Solidarity Federation. This issue (No. 5, slightly confusingly dated Winter '98) is themed around all things green (rather cringingly called "environmentalrights"), and how this relates to anarchy, the workers, syndicalism and all that. The attempt is interesting but DA still retain definite dinosaur-like qualities in relation to current hot topics like democracy and technology - e.g.:"we seek to take over the means of production not destroy them". Contains lengthy reviews of a selection of radical green literature (including Do or Die!). Plus articles on car culture; anarchism, direct action and utopia; veganism and news from worldwide including Albania and South Africa. For a copy send £2 or £12 for a 6 issue sub. Make cheques to "Direct Action" at: PO Box 1095, Sheffield, S2 4YR, UK. A4/35 pages.

Earth First! Action Update is the monthly newsletter of Earth First! in the UK. Contains a comprehensive list of forthcoming events and regularly includes inserts on important issues such as CS gas, computer encryption, affinity groups etc. Every issue also includes an updated list of every active Earth First! group in the country. Each copy costs 30p with an SAE. A year long subscription costs £5 (£6 international). Cheques/POs/IMOs payable to "Earth First!" Send to: Earth First! Action Update, c/o The Greenhouse, 42-46 Bethal Street, Norwich, NR2 1NA, UK. A4/6 pages.

Earth First! Journal is the 'official' publication of Earth First! in the USA. Our older relative has now been going 17 years, since EF! first started in the States back in about 1980. Includes news from EF! on Turtle Island, a good Global News section, plus those essential monkeywrenching tips. Politically rather tame, but despite this definitely worth subscribing to - if only for the big merchandise section (!) Subscriptions are $35 international surface mail/ $45 air mail for 8 issues/1 year. Send to: Earth First! Journal Subscriptions, POB 1415, Eugene, OR 97440, USA. Tabloid/30+ pages.

The Ecologist is a bi-monthly journal of lengthy in-depth feature articles. The Ecologist was among the first (back in 1970) to alert us to the ecological crisis, publishing reports like "Blueprint for Survival" and "Whose Common Future?" and is still essential reading today. The Nov/Dec '97 issue has articles on NASA's radioactive Cassini probe, the Kyoto climate conference and village resistance to dam building in Japan. It costs £4 an issue or £24/ £18 concessions for 1 year subscription. Send to: The Ecologist, c/o Cissbury House, Furze View, Five Oaks Road, Slinfold, West Sussex, RH13 7RH, UK. A4/40 pages.

Ecos is the journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC), and a hell of a lot more open-minded and questioning than you might think. Collect together articles on 'Community Orchards and Local Agenda 21', large-scale fenland regeneration, and the paradoxical fact that the MoD's hideous biological warfare facility at Porton Down, Wiltshire is also a wildlife treasure trove - and you have a really good read. Single copies/back issues cost £4. Subscription/BANC membership is £19/ £12.50 (student/unwaged). Send to: BANC Membership Services, Lings House, Billing Lings, Northampton, NN3 8BE, UK.

Die Eule (The Owl) is a German language radical ecological magazine. It used to be German EF!'s main forum but has now expanded into a general discussion bulletin on a wider range of issues, reaching a satisfying balance of in-depth direct action reports and theoretical reflection (this issue includes pieces on organisation, identity and politics, intellectuality vs. emotionality). Much effort is put into humorous cut and paste production and promoting discussion. Send DM 3.50 (£2.50 including post and packaging) to: Jugendumweltgruppe c/o Infoladen, Brunnenstraße 41, 42105 Wuppertal, Germany. A4/54 pages.

Factsheet 5 is the original and best "big fat guide to the zine revolution". It weighs in at over 120 pages of zine, book and comic reviews and is testament itself to the huge diversity of the underground media. As well as reviews there is also a little zine scene news and gossip. It costs $6 for a sample issue or $20 for a 6 issue subscription. Send to: PO Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099, USA. A4/128 pages.

Faslania is the magazine from the Faslane peace camp, opposing the nuclear subs parked in Scotland for 15 years. The winter solstice issue contains camp news, an eviction update, action reports, plenty of Disco Dave's usual lunacy and a critique of the recent CND conference - CND are revealed as being pro-war, just anti-nuke. Free/donation with a SAE from: Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, UK. A4/14 pages.

Festival Eye is the annual bible of festival culture - or its tattered remnants at any rate. An unparalleled guide to (free, cheap and some corporate slime) festivals, related events and actions. Also some interesting general overview articles on the year in question. If you're at a loss for things to do around Spring-Autumn '98, there's plenty of possibilities here. Copies cost £2 with an A4 SAE from: BCM Box 2002, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

Fifth Estate is the longest running US anarchist magazine. Coming from a position critical of technology and civilisation, the Fifth Estate has for over 30 years published some of the most thought provoking writing around. The latest issue (Fall l997) has an essay/ review by David Watson on the convoluted row between Green Anarchist and the Neoist Alliance (read Stewart Home and his psychogeographical friends) where accusations of eco-fascism fly willy-nilly, which is in effect a 10 page meditation on the primitivist milieu. All credit to an American for trying to decipher the row - we couldn't be bothered. Also includes pieces on Gulf War syndrome, the Detroit paper strike, anarchist art, a letters section and numerous reviews. International subscriptions cost $10 for 4 issues. Send to: Fifth Estate, 4632 2nd Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201, USA. Tabloid/35 pages.

Fighting Talk is the quarterly magazine of Anti-Fascist Action. Contains news, reports from behind enemy lines, antifa history and more analytical stuff too. Number 11 has an article on the Edelweiss Pirates, a network of young working class gangs who fought the Nazi regime in its early years: "The activities of these groups encompassed a whole range of resistance to the regime (absenteeism from work and school, graffiti, illegal leaflets, arguing with authority figures, industrial sabotage and physical violence)". Issues cost £1.50 and 4 issue subscriptions are £8. Send to: Anti-Fascist Action, BM 1734, London, WC1N 3XX, UK.

Genetix Update is a monthly newsletter that has news of the latest developments in genetic science and industry plus news of campaigns to oppose them. Also listings of upcoming events and contact details for local anti-genetics groups. Free/donation from: Genetix Update, c/o PO Box 9656, London, N4 4JY, UK. A4/4 pages.

Green Anarchist is "The most contemptuous document I have ever seen in my entire career" said ex-Major General Judge Selwood, in the "GAndALF" trial. Love it or hate it you just can't ignore this totally no compromise primitivist paper. Because of this, following the "GAndALF" trial (see article in this issue of Do or Die) 3 editors of GA have just been imprisoned for 3 years each for reporting direct action. The current issue covers 'dis/organisation', 'EF! and ecofascism', 'EF! under threat' plus controversy by the bucket load. "For the destruction of civilisation" - as they say. GA costs 75p a copy or subscriptions are £3.75 for 5 issues or £7.50 for 10 issues. (Overseas add 30%). Send blank postal orders only to: Green Anarchist, BCM 1715, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. Tabloid/32 pages.

Green Line combines radical green politics and lifestyle in a compact and accessible Reader's Digest-type format; news shorts followed by long(er) articles. In the latest issue (No.146, Solstice 1997) these are on sustainable housing, Shell's murderous operations in Nigeria and industrial agriculture (hey - snap!). A good overview of the green movement with campaigns news, diary and contacts. Each issue costs £1.50 or subscriptions are £13 (£10 concessions) for 10 issues. Send to: Green Line, PO Box 5, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0YT, UK. A4/20 pages.

Haringey Community Action is the newsletter of the Haringey Solidarity Group. A good example of an autonomous working class community group - they put out 12,000 of these all over Haringey. News on strikes, direct action, campaigns against benefit cuts and for asylum seekers etc. Available for a donation from: PO Box 2474, London, N8 0HW, UK. A4/6 pages.

Here and Now - just when you thought it was safe to go back into the dogma - challenging thinking from a kinda pro-situ angle. Contents includes: "computing, technology, anarchism, media debates, subversive culture, European political scene" or so they say. Here and Now slaughter whole herds of sacred cows in the name of theory, practice and the classless utopia at the end of the rainbow. Issues cost £2 or £4 for a 3 issue subscription. Make cheques/POs payable to "Here and Now" at: PO Box 109, Leeds LS5 3AA, UK. A4/47 pages.

Howl is the magazine of the Hunt Saboteurs Association. This issue contains stuff on the Countryside Movement and the pro-bloodsports lobby, badgers, stag hunting and a group news roundup plus much more. Issues cost £1.50 from: HSA, PO Box 2786, Brighton, BN2 2AX, UK.

Ignite is the second issue of this free newspaper dishing the dirt on the oil industry was produced for the 100 days of action leading up to the Kyoto climate summit. Ignite is designed to look like the commuter freebie London Tonight and was handed out free around London to confuse and bewilder tired wage-slaves. Contains many stories detailing our current addiction to the greasy black stuff and oil-related profiles of London's prospective Mayors. Plus some great subvertisements for BP, Mercedes, The AA etc. Send an SAE and a donation to: Platform, 7 Horselydown Lane, London, SE1 2LN, UK. Tabloid/19 pages.

Incendiary Devices is a US fanzine containing articles on 'The nonsense of non-violence', prison news, anti-fascist/racist action reports and analysis and an expose of the female contraceptive drug Depo-Provera. A wild anarchist publication that believes, as the last issue (number 4) states: "To monotonously live the mouldy hours of the ordinary people, of the submissive, the accommodated, a life of convenience is not living - it is only vegetating and carrying around an amorphous mass of flesh and bones. To live one should give the exquisite elevation of the rebellion of the arms and the mind." For a copy send a few dollars to: Incendiary Devices, PO Box 22774, Seattle, WA 98122-0774, USA. A5/56 pages.

The Information - where else can you find 'The Moon Landings were a Hoax' conspiracy musings and a slag off of Agenda 21 as a liberal scam together in the same magazine? From the pen that launched a thousand funky green graphics. Off the wall, but perfectly formed. Issues cost £1 from: Dream Power Pictures, PO Box 521, Hove, BN3 6HY, UK

Live Wild or Die! is a wild rampaging publication set up by dissident and ex-Earth First!ers in the USA. It continues to inspire, inform and infuriate with articles in this issue on the collapse of civilisation, veganism, nuclear madness and class war. Submit letters, artwork, rants, poems or names of eco-fuckers for the hit list in issue 7. For a copy send a few dollars to: POB 204, 2425B Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA. Tabloid/54 pages.

Love and Rage is the "Revolutionary Anarchist Newspaper" with the cool name. It is the bi-monthly paper of the Love and Rage Federation from the USA, Mexico and Canada. Aug/Sept '97 issue on the fight against austerity and welfare cuts, the Zapatistas, the militias and the Oklahoma bombing, forest defence etc. They also publish a Spanish language edition Amor y Rabia in Mexico City. An issue costs $1 and subscriptions are $13 for 6 issues. Send to: Love and Rage, 2441 Lyndale Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA. Tabloid/23 pages.

Maximum Rock 'n' Roll is an enormous monthly punk zine with a 10,000 circulation. Champion of the DIY ethic and tireless opponent of the corporate buyout of that scene. Endless contacts, a doorway into a worldwide subculture, and one that has spawned thousands of angry young anarchists (including me!) Even if the music isn't your thing, the letters and columns alone are worth the price of admission - entertaining, opinionated, peculiar and often informative. Each issue costs $5.50 and subs are $33 for 6 issues from: MRR, PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146 - 0760, USA. A4/70 pages.

Moins Vite! is a French language direct action oriented anti-car newsletter from France. Lyon seems to have a thriving radical eco and squatting scene, and was recently host to a conference for car-free cities and coinciding RTS-style action. This looks like it contains some excellent stuff ("La Resistance Physique", "Occupations et Blocages") and it would probably be very informative if my French was up to it. Free/donation from: Maison de l'Ecologie, 4 rue Bodin, 69 001 Lyon, France. A4/16 pages.

Muutoksen Kevät (Spring of Change) is a Finnish radical ecological journal. High quality production and interesting articles make this an excellent publication for those who can read Finnish - although every issue has an English summary on the back page as well. The December 1997 issue has a theme of feminism, women's liberation and gender differences and includes an introduction to the Finnish peace movement, a feminist critique of the Zapatistas and a piece on the anti-environmental movement. Additionally it has reports of animal liberation, ecological, peace and anti-fascist actions and a comprehensive prisoners of war list. For a copy contact: Muutoksen Kevät, PL 847, 33101 Tampere, Finland. Tabloid/23 pages.

Neither Work nor Leisure is an A5 fanzine produced as a supplement to the 'Culture and Language' issue of the glossy and professionally produced magazine "Towards 2012". This issue focuses on that alienated, soul destroying activity that we all know as work; and with an interesting essay entitled 'Working or a Living', a reprint of the classic 'Abolition of Work' by Bob Black and few other shorter pieces it is well worth reading. Copies are available for a donation and postage from: PO Box HP94, Leeds, LS6 1YJ, UK. A5/35 pages.

Peace News proclaims itself to be "for non-violent revolution". Pacifist publication going since 1936 that exists to support and connect non-violent movements and resistance around the world, as well as to provide a forum where such movements can develop common perspectives. Despite its ideologically hard line pacifism it has some of the best reporting on global, especially European, struggles. Free sample copy or £10 for 11 issue subscription. Make cheques/POs to "Peace News" at: Peace News, 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DY, UK. A4/24 pages.

Pobal an Dúlra (Community of Nature) covers weekly green social news from all over Ireland. (See Ireland article in this issue.) For a copy send 20p plus postage to: Pobal an Dúlra, Unit 66, Liffey Trust Bldg, 117 Upper Sherriff Street, Dublin 1, Eire. A4/4 pages.

Prevailing Winds is an American investigative magazine covering hidden history, media cover-ups, assasination politics, parapolitics etc. I'm a little suspicious of their fondness for conspiracy theory and the secret state - as some situ geezer once said - "the real state secret is the secret misery of our everyday lives". However, the excellent quality of the other stuff more than makes up for this. Issue 4 contains extracts from Howard Zinn's 'People's History of the United States' as well as stuff on the Zapatistas and US military involvement in Mexico. There are also interviews with Leonard Peltier, Ward Churchill and others about the American Indian Movement, The Black Panthers and the role of the FBI etc. in destroying these movements. Subscriptions are $32 for 4 issues. Send to: PO Box 23511, Santa Barbara, CA 93121, USA. A4/112pages.

Organise! is the Magazine of the Anarchist Communist Federation and falls somewhere half way between a theory mag and a newspaper. Current issuecontains 'The Criminal Class?', Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin, Syndicalism. Also now publishing a bi-monthly news sheet called Resistance. Yours for 20p. Organise! is £1 or £5 for a 4 issue sub. Send cheques/POs/IMOs made to "ACF": c/o 84b Whitechapel High St., London, E1 7QX, UK.

Reforesting Scotland is the journal of the organisation of the same name. Indispensable for understanding Scottish land issues generally, and the increasingly successful attempts to regenerate the 'Great Wood of Caledon': the tide is turning - an excellent and often inspiring publication. Membership/subscription costs £14 (£7 unwaged) and back issues are £2.50 each. Send to: Reforesting Scotland, 21a Coates Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 7AF, UK.

SchNEWS is an irreverent weekly direct action bulletin produced by a self-confessed "bunch of scruffy rent-a-mob ne'er-do-wells". This is information for action - every piece of news tells you how to get involved, gives you phone numbers, addresses, dates and places. SchNEWS is bursting at the seams with information, but its short enough so that you actually read it and all in that inimitable tabloid style. Free - just send 1st class stamps (e.g.: 20 for next 20 weeks) and a donation if you can afford it to: SchNEWS, c/o PO Box 2600, Brighton, BN2 2DX, UK. A4/2 pages.

Sea Shepherd Log is the quarterly newspaper of our favourite posse of whaler-sinking, drift-net trashing, seal-cub saving manic marine marauders. Need we say more? Membership/subscription costs $35 (outside USA) - better still; volunteer as crew on one of their boats! Contact Sea Shepherd Conservation Society at: PO Box 628, Venice, CA 90294, USA.

Smash Hits is a "discussion bulletin for revolutionary ideas". Following on from the final issue of Class War (see review above) we now have this new publication that used to be their internal bulletin. The relatively open editorial policy (although no doubt this will cause problems later on) and high quality of writing make it a very worthwhile read for all those interested in changing the world. Free/donation from: BM Box 5538, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. A4/39 pages.

Squall is a quarterly 72 page tabloid magazine for "sorted itinerants" - travellers, squatters, festival-goers, ravers and you and me. Last issue featured the campaign against Manchester's 2nd Runway, CCTV, Reclaim The Streets, Exodus, Columbia, Gorleben among much else. Always some very good journalism and lots of excellent photos. No longer coming out but still worth getting hold of. £2.50 inc. p+p from: PO Box 8959, London, N19 5HW, UK. Tabloid/72 pages.

Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter is pretty much what you'd expect from the title - a useful source of information and campaigning activity on Stonehenge and related issues. Also contains one of the best general contacts listings around and is a good contact point for the national network of FINs - free info sheets to tell you what's going in your area. Quarterly. Send a donation c/o 99 Torriano Ave, London NW5 2RX, UK.

Strong Hearts is an A5 publication put together by Rod Coronado, a Native American, animal liberation and Earth First! activist, currently in prison in the USA. This issue (number 2) is beautifully written and produced and includes articles on the Tupac Amaru, various animal liberation activities and an inspiring first hand account of the sinking of Icelandic whaling ships in 1986. For a copy send a few dollars to: Rod Coronado Support Committee, 3245 E. Patricia, Tucson, AZ 85716, USA. Write to Rod directly at: 03895-000, FCI Unit SW, 8901 S. Wilmot Rd. Tucson, AZ 85607, USA. A5/48 pages.

Subversion is a very impressive free anarchist/left-communist magazine. Contains analysis of the latest happenings in the international class struggle plus lots of open discussion and a big letters section. Recently featured much heated debate on 'green communism'. How do they manage do it for free? Send an SAE to: Subversion, Dept. 10, 1 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1HW, UK. A4/23 pages.

Taking Liberties is the paper of the Anarchist Black Cross - a network of groups set up to support class struggle anarchist and revolutionary prisoners as well as people framed by the state or organising on the inside. This is an excellent prisoner support paper which also has good articles on prison protests, deaths inside and international stuff etc. Also ask for their free 'No Comment' booklet - a defendants guide to arrest. Issues cost 30p with an SAE and 4 issue subscriptions are £5 or £3 unwaged. Send to: London ABC, c/o 121 Railton Road, London, SE24 0LR, UK. Tabloid/6 pages.

Temp Slave is an American zine full of personal accounts, stories and letters about various aspects of work, ranging from the hilarious to the emotionally moving. Number 8 contains slag-offs of bosses and mealy-mouthed ass-kissing US workers. Also - temping in a perfect world, temping in a strip joint, travel and temp slavery in Europe. For a copy send a few dollars to: Keffo, POB 8284, Madison, WI 53708-8284, USA. A5/55 pages.

Toxcat is the newsletter of Communities Against Toxics - a national grassroots community initiative of people who have to live with toxic pollution. Excellent, well informed and angry. A subscription to Toxcat also means you get Toxcat special reports free. A years subscriptions are £12. Send to: Toxcat, PO Box 29, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, L66 3TX, UK.

The Verge is a Trans-European youth environmental magazine. Very good on Eastern European stuff with lots of direct action news. The December '97 issue reports on an anti-car conference and actions in Lyon, the huge medical experiment of vaccination, an outline of green politics in Belarus, plus actions from anti-nukes to anti-genetics from Russia to Ireland. Well worth checking out as in the UK we tend to be rather detached from what's going on on the continent. Subscriptions cost £9 for 6 issues. Make cheques/POs payable to "European Youth Forest Action (Scotland)" at: PO Box 1707, Edinburgh, EH1 1YB, UK. A4/32 pages.

West Country Activist is an irregularly published newsletter reporting on direct action in the South West of the UK. The latest issue (January/February 1998) covers the eviction at Dead Woman's Bottom, an anti-quarry roundup (see article in this issue of Do or Die on quarry fighting in the South West), and various news and views from throughout the whole region. For a 10 issue subscription send 10 second class stamps to: West Country Activist, c/o PO Box 426, Bath, BA1 2ZD, UK. A4/2 pages.

Wildcat is an autonomist Marxist influenced magazine recently converted to an anti-civilisation stance. Number 18 has long articles on the ex-Yugoslavia, prisons, the Oklahoma bombing, civilisation (anti), the Zapatistas (also anti) and an interesting letters section. Always very provoking - you're sure to find something to disagree with somewhere! No longer published but still well worth getting the back issues - incisive thought doesn't date. For each issue send £2.50 (don't mention Wildcat on the envelope) to: BM CAT, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. A4/58 pages.

Y Faner Goch (The Red Flag) is the monthly magazine of the Welsh Socialist Republicans, written in English and Welsh. This is definitely the best read from Wales. Very witty - with such top features as "I can't believe they're not Tories" and "Shits of the Month", plus features on Welsh working class history, the whole devolution thing etc. Send £6 for a 12 issue subscription. Make cheques to "Y Faner Goch" at: Y Faner Goch, PO Box 661, Wrecsam, LL11 1QU, UK. A4/16 pages.


Radical bookshops


If, after checking your local radical bookshop, you have problems getting any of the publications mentioned in this section of Do or Die it is worth getting in touch with the distributors listed below. If you want a catalogue remember to enclose a big SAE with your request.

A Distribution
84 Whitechapel High Street, London W1 7QX, UK. Anarchist and situ stuff from the people who bring you the annual Anarchist Bookfair.

AK Distribution
PO Box 12766, Edinburgh EH8 9YE, UK. Probably the biggest radical book catalogue.

Active Distribution
BM Active, London WC1N 3XX, UK. Anarcho-punk central.

Counter Productions
PO Box 556, London, SE5 0RL, UK. Weird, wacked out and political stuff.

Box 8, Greenleaf Bookshop, 82 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5BB, UK. Punk as fuck an' all that class struggle malarky to boot.

Freedom Press
Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX, UK. Freedom was set up by famous anarchist geezer Kropotkin back in the 19th century - so years of experience here.

PO Box 148, Hove, BN3 3DQ, UK. Comics and zines from the Bypass people.

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