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An article from Do or Die Issue 9. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 110.

"The Ballad of the Black Hooded Top"

Do or Die presents a Cautionary Tale: "The Ballad of the Black Hooded Top"

or "Why you shouldn't confuse your politics with your dress sense"

I used to be a decent girl - polite and modest in my ways.
I'm sure my friends at church then thought perhaps that I would end my days

A teacher - ballet dancer - paying taxes - doing well.
A law-abiding citizen. Alas! Alack! Oh well!
I came to Britain backpacking as young Australians will
(You're meant to then go straight back home and pay your visa bill.)
As I meant to - but one day - 'cos your weather's rather silly
Though I was wearing all my clothes, I found my ears were chilly.

I looked right - hmm, McDonalds. Then left - an army shop.
I walked on in - then walked on out - in a NEW BLACK HOODED TOP.

Wait - just a moment. I feel - odd. The world seems new and strange...
McDonalds! Planet murderers! I must - FIGHT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE!
I owe the power-mongers nothing! I see it all now, bright and clear!
I want a free and joyous world. I've drawn the line: I'm starting here.

So it began. My old life - done. I live as if I was possessed.
In a bender - digger diving - up a tree... under arrest.

I learnt to swear at bailiffs! (Bastards.) Never could quite swear before.
Seems to come quite naturally when they beat down your treehouse door.
Not where to start, but where to stop - why stop? One life is all you've got.
"No more roads" - I'm locking on to anything that moves - or not.

Food for free - it's in the forest - in the supermarket too
Richard Branson has donated free train travel, just for you.
Found out I've lots to say, once started - Corporate dinners? Up for them.
Talented at table dancing - give that girl an AGM!

And then - I had my day in court. The best-dressed activists get off
Their charges (or else with each other) - so: dress on, and hoody off.
Wait - once again - I feel quite strange - oh dear, the judge is not amused.
With my hoody, well I'm hardcore - but without - I'm just CONFUSED.

Umm - what exactly am I doing? Did you say I broke the law?
Wait, it's coming back - but faintly - what did I believe before?
Somehow, my conviction's lacking - I start to speak, but have to stop.
Did I leave my ideals lying back there with my hooded top?

Well, I've remembered them. No matter what, the truth is true.
And once you know, you can't go back and think as you used to.
But: I'm giving up my hoody. I wear skirts now. That's progress.
(This? Doesn't count - it's knitted, and it's nicked from M&S.)

Don't get me wrong - it has its uses. You know them, I won't specify.
And I must admit I'd wear one to be the cover girl on Do or Die.
But in the end, I've learnt my lesson: hooded tops are but a fashion,
Trends will come and trends will go...
My revolution's based on PASSION!

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