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An article from Do or Die Issue 9. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 1.

Prague, September 2000

Thousands of people converged on the Czech Republic at the end of September 2000 for the 55th Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group and the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which was taking place in Prague from the 26th-28th September. There were about twenty thousand of the world's bankers, economists and investors; about ten thousand of the world's anti-capitalists, socialists, anarchists and anti-globalisers; and about eleven thousand cops (a quarter of the total Czech police force) trying to stop the one getting to the other...

On the Attack in Prague! (p. 2)
Against the IMF and World Bank
Pink and Silver Route Report (p. 9)
Dancing into Danger
Blue Route Report (p. 10)
Block Rocking Beats
Yellow Route Report (p. 11)
Ya Basta(rds)!
Pink and Silver on the Warpath (p. 12)
Here Comes the Barmy Army!
Time to Take The Gloves Off (p. 15)
Fuck the Civil, Let's get Disobedient!
Communications in Prague (p. 20)
Co-ordination of information for the day was going to be vital...

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