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An article from Do or Die Issue 9. In the paper edition, this article appears on page(s) 59.

The Spanish State

Activists in the Spanish state could also be feeling the heat of new anti-terrorist legislation. The Spanish Cabinet agreed in September 2000 to 'toughen up' anti-terrorist laws. Primarily the laws are aimed at the armed Basque group ETA but they could easily be used against other protest movements. The draft reforms, which still need to go through the Spanish parliament, include things like making it a criminal offence to praise or publicly justify 'terrorist' acts, redefining 'terrorism' to include certain acts of arson and allowing for youths accused of 'terrorist' acts to be tried in adult courts. This new proposed legislation seems very similar to the British Terrorism Act, and it could be an indication of other European Union countries following a similar route. A few years ago an eco-activist from the Basque Country was arrested on terrorist charges relating to his environmental campaigning - we have to assume that any new anti-terrorist laws will similarly be used against animal and earth liberation activists in the Spanish state.

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