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The Lessons of Easter Island - by Clive Ponting. Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited places on earth. Only some 150 square miles in area, it lies in the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 miles off the west coast of South America. At its peak the population was only about 7,000. Yet despite its superficial insignificance, the history of Easter Island is a grim warning to the world.

The story of the Passenger Pigeon - by Clive Ponting. When the first few European colonialists arrived in turtle island, there were some five billion passenger pigeons there. Probably the most terrible example of mass slaughter in the history of wild life was not the bison but the passenger pigeon - a story that almost defies belief.

The Primitivist Critique of Civilisation - by Richard Heinberg.
" Unless drastic steps are taken, in fifty years the vast majority of the world's population will likely be existing in conditions such that the lifestyle of virtually any undisturbed primitive tribe would be paradise by comparison." A very readable primitivist essay.

A Primitivist Primer - by John Moore.
"Anarcho-primitivism is an anti-systemic current: it opposes all systems, institutions, abstractions, the artificial, the synthetic, and the machine, because they embody power relations." - An introduction to the ideas that go under the name of anarcho-primitivism.

Hooray Humans - by David Helton.
"The prey animals were now in posession of a remarkable inbred stupidity: they beleived that their eventual predators were their herd leaders." - How we have domesticated ourselves along with our slaves: the history of human domination and subjugation of the wild.

Smashing the Image Factory: - A Complete manual of billboard subversion and destruction. 'The invasion of armies is resisted; the invasion of ideas is not.'- Victor Hugo, 1802 - 1885. After reading this, you will have all the knowledge you need to hit back at the corporate scum who litter our towns with brash and offensive advertising. If you want to know about anything from subtle alteration to total annihilation, read on...

Krill & the Circle of Life - "Penguins are washing up on the beaches, and kangaroos are being shot as they blindly search for water. All these things - the oceans, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the sky above are interrelated." How the ozone hole is linked to the decline of krill, which are the base of the entire oceanic food chain. This document now has lots of links to background info. This is how we intend all the dead trees publications to be in the future.

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