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This page has links to a variety of resources elsewhere on the web providing full texts of books, pamphlets etc which may be of use or interest to eco-activists. They are all free of charge.

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Earth Crash Earth Spirit
- Large archive of articles, plus photo galleries and loads of other stuff.

In Search of Nature:
- Imagining the Precolumbian Landscapes of Ancient Central America. "There is no question but that language both reflects and conditions the way we think about the relationships between humans and their environment."

Social Criticism Review
- Selected readings on modern society and its ills. Focus on alienation between man, nature, and a dysfunctional technical complex. Forum for ideas that go against the current. Plea to restore a responsible community. Motto: Achieving goodness in a complex world.

Uncommon Sense: The State is out of Date
"The application of Chaos Theory to the marriage of freedom and human civilization." Whole book online.

rat haus reality, ratical branch
Living life passionately, birthright of all life, the rat haus promotes seeing wholistically, within ourselves, with all our relations, and throughout our world within universe.

The Evolution of the conservation Movement
Large US GOV't archive. Reviewed below.

The Writings of Valdas Anelauskas
Valdas Anelauskas is a Lithuanian journalist temporarily living in the U.S. A former Soviet dissident and human rights activist in political exile from the USSR, he settled in the United States and eventually became a dissident in America just as he was in the former Soviet Union. Observation of the American reality led him to the conclusion that U.S. extreme capitalist system is absolutely the same kind of evil as the Soviet mock-communism was.

The Essays and Research pages of "The Land is ours" website have a good collection on the history and present state of land rights struggles.

For a huge collection of eco-essays on a wide range of subjects, see: http://www.dieoff.org

The Man from the Sunflower Forest
"A Loren Eisley Reader", it says, but much more than this: Selected Eisley readings, links to sites for other nature writers, 'other genre'--links to essays on various related subjects and "informational links" which is an enormously useful page.

Henry David Thoreau
Full texts of Walden, Civil Disobedience, Walking, Life Without Principle, and six others.

Charles Darwin
The full texts of The Origin of Species and Voyage of the Beagle.

For some radical Native American screeds, see: http://www.dickshovel.com/www.html

Indigenous Peoples' Literature
A massive resource of indigenous literature, biographies, art and poetry from around the world.

Voices of Resistance
native sovereigntists writing and speaking from the front-lines of North Amerikkka.

Wisdom from the oldest culture in the world.
"Billa Kalina is not a remote and unused area to us. It is our home. It has always been used as a cultural place and will continue to be used by the Peoples coming through. We can no longer be sacrificed."

Johannes Dingler is researching Radical Ecology, Ecofeminism and Postmodernism. He has extensive bibliographies on deep ecology, ecofeminism, environmental ethics and sustainable development.


Multinational Monitor
Searchable archive of back issues. Excellent research into the doings of the corporations around the world, from workers rights to ecological destruction. Go and make a cup of tea first.  

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement 1850-1920

This site is produced by the US Library of Congress. It provides access to hundreds of documents on the early conservation movement, including the full text of a number of books. Links to some of these books are provided below.

These books provide a glimpse into the thinking of our great grandparents' generation -- including both their brilliant insights and their unbelievably stupid ideas. They recognized a lot of serious problems, and recommended a number of radical solutions.

By reviewing these books, we who are living at the end of humankind's most terrible century can readily see that far more radical ideas and approaches are required to restore peace and harmony to Earth -- far fewer people living far more simply.

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