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Tree planting and forest regeneration:

The Man Who Planted Trees

-by Jean Giono

Sorry. Jean Giono wanted this very short text, The Man Who Planted Trees, to be his gift to the world. Sadly a greedy parasite has forced this free gift to be withdrawn from this and many other websites. As far as we know it is still at

PLEASE dont buy this book, it is a total rip-off. At 3470 words (not incuding the deliberately long and rambling 'introduction whose sole purpose seems to be to fill up space between the covers to justify the ridiculous price bring charged.it is shorter than many magazine articles. The publisher Chelsea Green is NOT the publisher who is trying to stop you seeing the man who planted trees. Its also cheaper than the more commonly available parasite version.

http://abob.libs.uga.edu/bobk/trees.html is a good page about the book and has other things that haven't been parasitised. Also more importantly what seems to be an up to date LIST of LINKS to the FULL TExT.

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