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NO to the destruction of our beautiful town by profit driven development.

Developers Chelverton / Carillion have gone quiet - but it doesn't mean they've gone away. Have they given up on their new supermarket?
We still say: Chelverton: NO WAY

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Save Back Jubilee Field!

Playing fields and woodland off Willow Lane on the Marsh, Lancaster, are now under threat too!

"Private" signs appeared there in March 2004, and although the signs disappeared very quickly, residents are concerned that they may mark the start of more concerted efforts to prevent local people from walking and playing in the woods and fields to which they have had free access to for decades.

The playing fields and surrounding woodland were once part of the huge Williamson's Lune Mills complex. But since economic activity peaked there early last century, the land has gradually become a haven for wildlife and a popular place with local people for sports and leisure activities.

Marsh residents are now following the same strategy as those in the Castle area, who recently applied to Lancashire County Council for the Priory Churchyard to be recognised as a Town Green under the Commons Registration Act on the basis that it had been used by right for over 20 years. They first have to collect evidence from local people to see how they have used the land in the past.

Please help by printing out the evidence form and returning it to the address provided as soon as possible (Remember to sign it!).

Save Castle Hill

Stop the Priory Car Parks!

UPDATE: the application to make Castle Hill a town green has gone in to the County Council. In due course there will be a hearing, and they'll make a decision. If you are prepared to speak at the hearing then please drop us a line - the more people prepared to speak, the better our chances of saving Castle Hill!

Nice Report and pictures on the Picnic Against The Car Park - a lovely time was had by all, we'll be doing it again!
(pic: Satori)

Lancaster Castle Hill is under threat: the Priory wants to tarmac over the grass next to the headless lady and block the main path from Church Street to make a new car park.

Castle Hill is a much loved green space - used by locals and tourists alike, with amazing views over Morecambe Bay. The hill is visible from much of the Marsh and river areas and is one of the characteristic pictures of Lancaster.

The Priory says that new car parking spaces are needed to meet new disabled access standards. But they also admit that the current area used for parking is perfectly adequate for disabled needs. The new car park is solely for able bodied parishioners during Sunday services. Yet car parking is available all weekend in Priory Close and in the castle grounds - just yards away from the Priory doors.

The Priory has already got planning permission to build the new car parking spaces on the hill - but it's not too late to stop!

What you can do:
  • Write to the Rev Canon Cavanagh at the priory and ask him to reverse the decision to build the car park
  • Write to Hilton Dawson MP, and tell him what you think of the Priory's plans
  • Sign the petition against the Car Park
  • Download and put a poster in your window - tell others about the threat to Castle Hill
  • Download a petition, sign it, get your neighbours, friends and work colleagues to sign it, then send it to Grassroots Lancaster, c/o LARC, 78a Penny St, Lancaster
  • Send a letter to the Citizen and Guardian
  • Leave your thoughts about the car park plans on the Priory's Website feedback form
  • Get involved, drop us a line
  • If we can show that the land has been used for the last twenty years we can use this to protect the area. So, if you use the land around castle hill regularly, and are willing to come to a hearing and tell the County Council so then please drop us a line!

Want to get involved?

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