Akha Village Split By Taiwan Missionaries

During the two months that the truck was being repaired, the Taiwanese missionaries once again attacked Mae Chan Luang village, most intensely it would appear.

The first pastor, Boh Tah, was now backed up by a second pastor, Cheeh Urh. Working through a number of opium smokers in the village and once again without the permission and with the objection of the headman, they once again caused dissention in the village.

The Taiwanese mission from Maesai at the Maesai Baptist Church backed them with help from the Taiwan mission at Huai Krai and Chiangrai. They worked through their project at Louw Fu, a fundamentalist project that operates disguised as a drug rehab center on land donated by none other than their friend, Drug Lord Khun Sa. That is why they have his big painting on the wall amid so many crosses.

At any rate, they raised sufficient ruckus that the headman insisted that if they wanted to split the village, they could not reside in the village, so already a couple houses have been rebuilt down the hill below the village.

The missionaries will not leave alone even one village and a split village is better than nothing they figure. The government of Thailand allows this process and interference in the villages.

The missions are very powerful here to impose this on the village in spite of the headman insisting that they should not be allowed to tear his village apart.

Attu is the troublemaker in the village, an opium adict and violator of other village rules. He was promised by the mission that he would be paid, that he would become the new leader of the village if he helped an overthrow attempt. He is backed by Cheeh Urh who is from the segment of Keeh Seh Thai village on the Mae Chan Hwy where the Chinese Taiwan people have a strong hold.

Why does Taiwan have so much clout over the hilltribes in Thailand? Why does the government allow this? I say China could do us all a favor by overunning the place. Would sure put an end to this dictator's religion they are pushing on the hilltribe villages against the will of the majority.

You can protest the Taiwan Missionary interference in the Akha villages by contacting your Thai embassy. You must ask about their splitting of Mae Chan Luang Village in Mae Faluang District behind Doi Mae Salong. The headman's name is Ah Bauh.

The Taiwanese who split it were from the following churches.

The mission operators of these missions are Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese and American Citizens. All these missions, as with most missions in Thailand, are supported by donations from american evangelical missions organizations and church members.

While the Akha do not have any tall standing stone Buddas, the missionaries in Thailand are no less tolerant in destroying their culture and traditions than the Talaban.

Matthew McDaniel, Wed 14 Mar 2001
Akha Heritage Foundation
Maesai, Thailand

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