Nov 15th 2010 Picket the HSE

Problems with NANOSILVER

This early campaign flyer is a good description of why we are concerned

about nano-silver and what we want:




Stop unsafe NANO-SILVER from being sold


Aquafresh toothbrush by Glaxo Smith Klein sold at Superdrug

Nano-silver hair straighteners by Nicky Clarke sold at Argos

Silver-fresh socks by sold at Marks & Spencers


These companies (and many more!) are selling nano-silver human hygiene products to the public.Thatís illegal and probably dangerous!We demand that the Health and Safety Executive take up their responsibility to regulate nano-silver products.We want private corporations to stop putting this new chemical in consumer products without safety testing.


Nano-silver is a brand new type of silver that is highly reactive and extremely small in size.As a powerful bactericide it can kill both the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in our ecosystems, in our water supply, and in our human bodies.


Is this just about nano-silver?No, nano-silver is just one of hundreds of new products with nano-particles that are being brought to market without proper safety research.Scientific research has shown that some nano-particles have the potential to pass through the blood/brain barrier or into the placenta of a pregnant woman.Carbon nano-tubes (now in many mass produced consumer items from tennis rackets to electronics) may have similar properties to cancer causing asbestos!Itís time to stop selling potentially dangerous untested new products.There are very few regulations and industrial safety practices in place.The materials are so new that science doesnít even have effective ways to measure their possible toxic effects.Yet amazingly, most of these products are perfectly legal even though no research can guarantee their safety!


         Firstly, we want the Health and Safety Executive to do their job and regulate products for public safety.No sleeping in the watch tower!

         Secondly, we demand a moratorium on nano products until there can be a review of regulatory and measurement standards!Start with the European Biocidal Products Directive.Develop metrics that can even explain these new particles.

         We want immediate labelling (especially food!).People have the right to know if there are nanomaterials in their food.

         We support trade union demands for safety in the workplace.Donít make industrial workers unwilling guinea pigs for testing the new nano-chemicals.

         Most of all, everyone can demand basic common sense principles of precaution!Prove that itís safe before discovering otherwise by selling it without safety testing.Private profiteering shouldnít be traded for public risk!


Is it all just about safety?No, itís also about who gets the money and who makes the decisions.If all this nanotechnology is so clever and so profitable and so able to solve so many future problems like the nano-investment firms claim, then why is public tax money funding a huge give away to private corporations.Public research money is paying for private corporations to patent new molecules and control what might be the basic materials of the future.We live in a built environment and the power to make our communities, workplaces and cities healthy, happy and free has depended on public access to scientific knowledge since the beginning of the scientific revolution.Why are we now privatising the publicly funded harvest of scientific knowledge?

         End the intellectual property culture that gives private corporations control of the public future.Stop privatizing our molecules.

         We want an investigation into UK research council ethics.We donít need earth-shattering research; Earth-preserving research is much more important. Why is public funding for research being hijacked by big corporations, government bureaucrats, and intellectual property lawyers?Whereís our safety and possibilities research?Letís not sell the future.It belongs to everyone.


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