This website has not been updated for some years. As of September 2004, a new website - Solidarity South Pacific - has superseded this, though this website has been left as it may still contain useful content.

The Liberation Army
of the Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM)

We are not terrorists!
We do not want modern life!
We refuse any kinds of development:
religious groups, aid agencies, and governmental organisations
just Leave Us Alone, Please!

Historical and Political
Reasons for Fighting

We were invaded by force and manipulation by Indonesia under the UN and US supervision with disastrous vested interests in their politics;

We are treated like we don't matter: mass murdered, tortured, oppressed by various ways;

We are misplaced by translocation/relocation, urbanisation and other social engineering activities carried out by the Indonesian government under the support of the World Bank and other international aid agencies and environmental organisations like ICRC and WWF;

We are regarded as security disturbance force and terrorists even though we are fighting for our own environment, our own rights, and our own people;

Our voices are always neglected and ignored.

Logical reasons
for fighting

Fighting back is the natural way of responding to the destruction and exploitation without any concern to the human life and their environment;

Fighting back is the natural reaction to the intolerable killings, dissapearances, torture, oppression, and intimidation carried out by the Indonesian government;

Fighting back is necessary in this brutal, inhuman, destructive, exploitative, ignorant and terryfing regime;

Fighting back is important for the very survival of tribal people on this planet, not by lobbying, not by persuasion, not by diplomacy, not through democracy;

Fighting back is the right thing to do against the fighting from the Indonesian army, strongly supported by 'empty' and 'meaningless' so-called democratic countries.

We will no longer be ignored

OPM Support Group
c/o Solidarity South Pacific