This website has not been updated for some years. As of September 2004, a new website - Solidarity South Pacific - has superseded this, though this website has been left as it may still contain useful content.

The Liberation Army of the Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM)
Movies from West Papua

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Independence Day:
A Papuan tells us when he thinks Independance will happen.
People and culture 1
In Wamena village, people are in their traditional clothes. Missionaries don't like this! (2.9Mb)
People and Culture 2
People from Mamberamo Valley. 6 tribes, including some who never had contact with the West, are to be forcibly removed for hydro and industrial project.(3.9Mb)
Relocation Lake
Traditions being displaced by industrial fishing. Also planned for another hydro project (5.2Mb)
Mamberamo Basin:
Footage of the area to be flooded by the Dam project. An area the size of Wales will be flooded or otherwise destroyed for the industrial zone. (2.8Mb)

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