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2000 news

Dec 2: innocent Papuans taken as they defend their flag

23 men woman and children, who were innocent advocates of their of their flag, were taken prisoners, at local time by the indonesian military machine. These unarmed political prisoners add there names to the already long list of disappeared and still held without trial, native Papua's, who's only crimes have been the un-armed defence of their culture.

They are:

        3/ PELIPUS PEKEY
        7/ JOJO AWOM
        8/ JEMI DOYAFO
        9/ YUNUS YABI
        10/ DARIM DANYA
        11/ NICO WANYGOBER
        12/ OSKAR W. MAY
        13/ ISACK AYONI
        14/ JUSUF KAFIAR

sorry these are all the names available at present - remember there are another 8 un-know at this time.

That and the 5 main members of the PPC (Papua Presidium Council) are also being detained, without charge and expect to be until the 20th of December, as provided for in the indo constitution. To assist in their well being and early release, please, contact the chief of police, MR DAUD SIHOMBING. SH at KAPOLRES (POLICE STATION) JAYAPURA. and protest in the strongest possible term. Clearly informing them that the world is watching. Office Tel: +62 967 531014 Office Fax: +62 967 533763 Home: +62 967 531015

Further information can be obtained from the commander and chief of SAGAS (Papua defence Force)


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Dec 1: Independence Day - Jayapura

All of you will be pleased to hear that the threatened violence did not happen, at least during the day light hours when the worlds media were present. I would like to add, that does not mean it will not, in the coming hours or days. The situation, as of this moment, 9:00pm, is the flag in the main square in Jayapura is still flying, though some now believe that will only last until 6:00am, when the deadline for the indonesian falls.

For the moment I will recap on the days very tense, but also joyful events. The square, was. for the most part, full of Papuan's, with full battle dress riot police, armed with automatic weapons at every entry point to the square. Speeches, prays and singing all created a peaceful carnival atmosphere. It was incredible to see, no fear, from any of the man woman and children present. Even though clear to me they were were in grave danger. Each speaker asked the Papuans, if they wanted the flag taken down and in a unanimous and resounding defiance of the indonesian order, they, time after time shouted back "no, no, no. Freedom to Papua (Papua Merdeka)"

Interestingly all but one had anything close to traditional dress on. A clear sign of the devastating effects missionaries have had. The fact was, that even though there was quite a number of highlanders present, the bulk, were lowlanders. Or those most exposed to the trappings of the modern world. A point I raised with a few, with the answer being "oh that is old fashioned" Clear sign to me that the culture has already been eroded to the point that social peer pressure now counts for more than the traditional culture. A classic first sign of the dire effects of christian based indoctrination.

At about 9.30pm, the Police all withdraw, leaving the SAGAS (wP defence force) to take up their positions. The town remains heaving with Papuan's, all determined to not have their flag taken down. Though in carnival sprit, they know there safety is threatened, but that is the case on a daily basis, when living under such a desperate regime, like indonesia.

The military came in with force, taking the place of the police. 50 tribesman from Wamena and some SAGAS inter-linked arms around the flag pole. The indonesian army, with automatic weapons threatened them, that the flag must now be taken down by 3.00am. And so the stand off continues, with the deadline ever closer. I am returning to town shortly to gather further video footage. The predicted bloodshed, is still I'm afraid very likely to occur.


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Latest on Wamena Militia Activities

Pro Jakarta Village Leaders Successfully Recruited.

November 27, 2000

CEB Reporting from Port Numbay)

We received a phone call today from Wamena, saying that Indonesia has mobilised village leaders lead by Nico Huby, the younger brother of current Baliem Regent (Bupati). The army (KOSTRAD) and village leaders from Baliem Valley (there are many valleys in Baliem Valley) met yesterday and discussed possible actions to support Indonesia. The meeting concluded that these village leaders will lead their tribal troops and fight against other Papuans fighting for independence. The independence supporters suspect Indonesia has given a large amount of money, most of them from a Crash Programme launched by the Indonesian government for year 2000.=20

The money from the Crash Programme has been largely misused by Indonesian officials to fund militia activities (i.e., purchase arms, supply arms, pay the militia groups, etc.). Only small amount of the money was reported used according to the openly acknowledged purpose, i.e., economic development. For Wamena Regency only, a total money of 28 million rupiahs was given, and most of the money are used to fund the militia activities. The house of representatives in Wamena had questioned Bupati for the use of money, but they were not allowed to ask such a question by the military.

After the meeting the houses of the village leaders are now well-guarded by Indonesian army from Kostrad; five army members for each house. Nico Huby in Wesaput got 5 army members guarding his house today. The same thing happen to Hurubit Huby in Gunung Susu Village, Eliarek Huby, in Holima village, Theo Huby at Pikhe Bridge. There main bridges are also guarded by the military from today; - Pikhe Bridge, Elagaima Bridge, and Wouma Bridge. Wouma is the village that attacked the Indonesia police on October 6, where 42 civilians and 8 police were killed.

According to a "Top Secret Document" release by Reuters Nov. 26 by Terry Friel revealed Jakarta is now recruiting East Timor style militia groups and this will probably end until May 2001. Village level militia activities are encouraged by the document, and the fact is that some villages are not the strongholds of the White-and-Red Task Force. A local independence leader said, "We let them to do what they want. But West Papua independence is certain. No one can say 'No!' to it. The important thing is we know that they are Papuans, and we will never blame them for what they are doing right now. Finally, they will understand whether or not they are correct."

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USA Resumes military support for Indonesia, troops build up.

Thu, 23 Nov 2000 Dear all,
  1. The USA resumed its military relation, which means Indonesia can use arms to kill Papuans in West Papua, no one will get angry at Indonesian anymore.
  2. At the same time, the British Hawks is now being shipped to Indonesia, due to arrive in Indonesia by December 2000.
  3. Today, at 09:00 am Papua time, 3 hercules aircraft full with Indonesian army were dropped into Baliem Valley of Kurulu sub-District. The parachutes were dropped through the hercules, witnessed by the tribal people. What is Indonesia doing? It wants to threaten tribal people here. More than 8,000 troops have been deployed to Wamena Regency only. (see photos)
  4. At the same time, tribal people in Wamena are not scared at all. They are even happy that Indonesia is getting more stupid. The use of modern arms and troops have created more problems than solutions in West Papua, East Timor, Acheh and Molucas. This New Order (Suharto) approach should be left behing. Since 1998, Papuans have been asking for a meaningful dialogue with Jakarta, by Indonesia has been stuborn to open its hearts for a dialogue. Where will the issue end up? I think when more civilians are killed in West Papua, then Indonesia will be forced to say "YES!!" to dialgoues.
  5. West Papua will announce its independence by December 1, 2000. The plan is sorted. The only problem now is there will be war and bloodshed in main cities all over Papua. Will the world repeat its past mistake, by letting more bloodsheds and then too late to act to safe our face? There will be no one telling such stories to come like I am telling now. And if we want to help, the time is now to warn Indonesia NOT TO REPEAT THEIR PAST MISTAKES. Killing civilians and tribal people is not humane. Papuans are not at war with Indonesia. THey are just telling the world, "This is our land, and we want to be in our own, peacefully here, without rape, without intimidation, without murder, etc.etc."

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More on Troop Build-up and independence meeting

Thu, 16 Nov 2000 (see pictures)

There is a very important meeting today. The participants are those who want independence in West Papua this year. Where is the Presidium Council? These people suspected that the PDP has signed a document for a wider-autonomy in West Papua within Indonesia, and they are not happy about it, because the people's aspirations has been one and clear enough: THEY WANT INDEPENDENCE BY THIS YEAR. While Indonesia is supplying tanks, jet fighters, and Kopassus troops (special forces) into the gound. Yesterday two batallions were reported deployed in addition to more than 700 Jihad Troops, more than 8,000 army troops, more than 6,000 police plus the troops in Papua before.

Indonesia also trained militia groups in West Papua. It is not so difficult to predict that there will be another Dilli Massacre in Port Numbay, the capital of West Papua, next month. West Papuans have announced that: 1. Refugees from Sentani should take refuge in the Walter Post Theological College campus and its vicinity in Post 7, Sentani 2. Refugees from Abepura should take refuge in Cenderawasih University (Uncen) Campus and other campuses around Uncen Campus. 3. Refugees from Port Numbay should take refuge at the Papua governor building and arund. 4. Places for journalists and foreign observers are around the PNG Consulate General Office, i.e., Dafonsoro dan Yasmin Hotels. There area will be safe from any attach by the Papuans.

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This was a letter that Demmak sent to the missionary organisatiosn working in WP so that they do not repeat their past mistake, i.e., leaving the Papuans die on the hands of the INdonesian military and then return after the situation calms down, this is not what the mission and vision of the missionary organisations.


The Penis Gourds People's Assembly Council Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs

Port Numbay, 25 October 2000


To: The Members of Missionaries Working in West Papua

Dear Sirs, To prevent the repetition of the past mistake, i.e., missionaries leave the Papuans being killed by the Indonesian army and then return after they surrender, the Penis Gourds People's Assembly Council (Demmak) would like to ask all members of missionary organisations serving in West Papua to help us with the following points:

  1. We are asking you all to pray for all Papuans, for Indonesians and for everybody of us so that God may protect us in current circumstance.
  2. We are asking members of the missionary organisations to report to your countries about what is happening in West Papua. If you regard yourselves as the shepherds, then telling your countries about murders in West Papua and staying with us is part of the job. We believe that all Papuans believe in Jesus and God Trinity and there is no way to change this. The only problem now is that the Christians are now treated brutally and we are asking missionaries to help us by telling your countries about the reality. Telling reality is not a sin, it is not forbidden, and we believe it is part of your service.
  3. If anyone of you leaves this island in this emergency situation, it tells us that you do not care about other humans and the Christians here. You care only about yourselves. We demand that those who are leaving West Papua in this situation MUST NOT RETURN after the situation calms down. We want missionaries who want to serve the Lord in every circumstance. We will do whatever we can to refuse any missionary who leaves West Papua now and then comes back after peace is settled. We curse missionaries that want to serve the Lord in Paradise but not in this messy world.
  4. All Papuans who live in Port Numbay and its vicinity will not leave their homes. We are not fighting against TRUTH, but LIES. Papuans are fighting for the TRUTH, to prove that we are innocent from the beginning until now. All Papuans here will not take refuge in the jungles or in PNG. They will all be staying in Post 7, Sentani and around. We are asking you to tell your countries and your people about this. There will be a great number of refugees in the jungles, villages and towns.

Any query, please contact: read our news at: and

Thanks very much. God bless you.
Yours sincerely in solidarity,


Sem Karoba Rev. Timothy Wanimbo Benny Wenda

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War starting in Jayapura

17 Oct 2000

Today, Tuesday 17 October 2000, a meeting was held between the Papua Presidium Council and the Commander of the Papua Police and Army with PApua Governor. The meeting discussed in depth on whether or not to lower down the Papuan FlagL: The Morning Star.

Presidium Council asked the Indonesian officials in Papua to sign a peace deal to avoid further violations of human rights in Papua, but both the Commanders of Police and Army refused and strongly indicated that they are going to take down the Morning Star with force or repressive measures. They will of course kill more people here.

Theys Eluway stated that he will be sitting on his flag from early morning on Thurds 19 OCt. and he is ready to be shot at first for the sake of the Flag.

THE WAR IS STARTING on Thursday, 19 October 2000.

WE ARE INVITING INTERNATIONAL OBSERVERS, JOURNALISTS FROM TVs, PAPERS and RADIOS TO COME AND WITNESS THIS BLOODY EVENT TO HAPPEN IN TWO DAYS TIME. We guarantee fully the safety of journalists and observers. We will do whatever we can to protect you as human beings. To voice another East Timor bloodshed, please do help us.

In the name of those who have died and who will die on Thursday this week.

Yours in solidarity

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War in Wamena; Report for Today

7 Oct 2000

Wamena: In today's war: 24 Indonesians were killed with bows and arrows, 3 Papuans were shot with modern weapons. (Wamena, October 7, 2000, CEB Reporting from Baliem.)

More lives are taken today, but surprisingly more Indonesians than the Papuans. 24 Indonesians were killed, including members of the army and police, according to our source today. While the Indonesian police shot dead 3 Papuans in the second-day war in Wamena, Baliem Valley. According our interview with A.E. an American witnessing the war there since yesterday, most of the Papuans were shot at their back, which means they were shot not when they were fighting the police, but when they were running away from the modern weapons. Asked if he is scared about the war and that he tries to get away from the Papuans, he said, "I feel more secure with the Papuans. They protect me very well. They feed me, they treat me like one of them. They are more humane than the Indonesians. The Indonesia police are shooting everywhere. They do not care whom they are shooting. They shoot trees, houses, dogs, Indonesians, Papuans, birds, anything and anyone. This is brutal!"

Two battalions of army are deployed today to Wamena, to secure the situation. They have two missions, according to our source. First of all, they want to back up the Papuans to fight against the police. Last month, the Commander of the army (Danramil) of Port Numbay town was shot by the police. Following this, the police also shot Johan Sawaky, a student at law faculty of Cenderawasih University because the police suspected him as a member of the army. Early this year, there was a war between the army and police in Timika, which caused the Danramil of Timika injured. The war between Indonesian air force, Indonesian navy, Indonesian infantry with the Indonesian police is apparent. They are fighting everywhere in Indonesia. Papuans are receiving the impacts of the internal war of the army and police.

The second mission is to secure the territory from any attack from the Free Papua Movement's West Papua National Liberation Army. They want to criminalise this purely political issue. They want punish the police commander and isolate the political issue to become a local issue only. (Please read our analytical article on: The roots of war in Wamena!")

The people have suffered a lot. About 300,000 of Papuans have lost their lives because of Indonesian invasion and occupation since 1963. They are saying, "Finish us all, do not leave the rest of us alive. We will take revenge. It is better kill us all." Tonight is probably the last night in their life's history for some of the highlanders. They have dedicated their lives to the independence movement. They are competing to die. They are queuing up, waiting their turn to die. Their motto is this: "We are born to die!" There is no way, we will all die. To die in wars is worth-wile than to die because of sickness. These are not only words, these are facts. Four of them died today, they are looking forward to die tomorrow? Is this a weird reality? No, this is normal. They died for almost 40 years. They know that they will die for another century. They cannot just wait to die on the hands of military regime. They are humans. Of course, they want to tell the world that Indonesia is brutal, that Wahid is not different from Suharto, that the military regime is till here in West Papua. Responses are coming from various parties in West Papua.

First, from The Penis Gourds People's Assembly Council (Demmak). Demmak issued a Letter of Tribute and Condemnation to the murder in the Bloody Wamena Massacre in these two days. Demmak is also blocking roads leading to the house of the Chairman of the Presidium Council, Theys H. Eluway. They want Theys not to escape from his responsibility on the Bloody Wamena Massacre. They want him to go to Wamena and settle the peace in this main town of the highlanders. Second, the Forum of Communication for West Papuan Students (FKMPB) blocked the main road from Port Numbay to Sentani, at the front of the Cenderawasih University, Abepura and demanded the Police Regional Commander for West Papua to answer their questions. The police Commander for West Papua, Mr. Wenas deployed one battalion of police to Wamena. He was quoted by a local daily newspaper as saying, "The troops are not to frighten the people, but to settle peace there." But he did not mention whether or not his troops will kill more innocent villagers from this most unpriviledged regent of West Papua Province. Last week three and two jet fighters Hakws-100 and Hawks-200 were flying over Wamena in two days respectively, frightening the people. However, the Commander of the Air Force based in Biak said today to the same local newspaper as follows: "The planes came here for regular operation purpose. This is normal, it is scheduled. We visit every region after six months." However, "Why are they flying all over the province? Why are they flying again in Wamena today? At the time when we were interviewing the American journalist in Wamena, the jet hawks were flying very low over Wamena, did some maneuvers on the air. As response, people are not scared at all.

They are ready to die, anyway. To die now or tomorrow is just the same. The only difference is the time. The world is not doing anything today or tomorrow, anyway. If the Indonesians kill us now or tomorrow, the world will not help us anyway. If the world will help us tomorrow than today, then we need to escape from death today, but if the story is the same, let us be ready to die," says a war leader in Wamena today in a war speech in briefing his bows-and-arrows troops. Will they win the war? Of course they will, because they are fighting what they have from their past ancestors. They are not buying bows and arrows like Indonesia is buying from England and the USA. If they die for using their bows and arrows and for their land, it does not matter. The matter for our humanity is who is selling the weapons to the murderous Indonesia, and who is selling hawks to a country that does not respect democracy and human rights. Where is the ethical foreign policy? (sk/07/00)

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More Troops Arrive in Jayapura

29 Sept 2000

The Jayapura-based human rights organisation, ELS-HAM issued a press release today 29 September 2000, which we summarise below:

An addition 650 troops from Infantry Battalion 713, North Sulawesi landed at the naval base in Jayapura, West Papua around midday on 28 September aboard the passenger ship Teluk Bone. The troops consisted of four companies and as well as a number of Special Forces (the term Kopassus is not used).

At a welcoming ceremony, Brig-General Karel Ralahalu said that these troop reinforcements would be sent to areas along the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. He called on the troops to maintain harmonious relations with the community and said that they had been sent to help protect the Unitary Republic against its enemies. He did not elaborate on who he meant by 'enemies'. He said he hoped that the troops would use their skills in the areas of health and education to serve the community. As the welcoming ceremony was in progress at around 2 pm, two British-made Hawk-100 and Hawk-200 jet aircraft flew very low over Jayapura, diving several times. These jet aircraft are currently based at the Franz Kaiseppo air base in Biak. The tremendous volume of noise created by the jets frightened the inhabitants. As reported in ELS-HAM's press release of 28 September (which we have not seen). the presence of the Indonesian air force, AURI, in West Papua is related to air operations code-named 'Alfa' and Oscar'. The arrival of thousands of non-organic troops in West Papua in the recent period, including Brimob, Kostrad, Kopassus and infantry battalions from other regional commands is related to the Jakarta policy of identifying the demand for freedom for the people of West Papua as a 'separatist' movement. There have been several incidents, including the operation against flag-raisers in Sorong when three people were shot dead and 28 people arrested. The most recent incident occurred in Wamena on 26 September when Brimob troops maltreated five people while trying to pull down a Papuan flag that they had unfurled. Reports from Wamena say that the troops are planning to pull down the remaining Papuan flag in Wamena. This has provoked a strong reaction from local people who are determined to defend the flag.

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Three Hawks are now threatening Papuans in Wamena

26 Sept 2000

Today, at 14:02 pm local time (time difference is 8 hours ahead for Papua time), two hawk jets were again showing their power over Papuans on this island. They came here and did manouvers two times. After that, they disappeared. There were three hawks yesterday, but only two of them today.

Yesterday, we phoned to Port Numbay (Japaura) the capital of Papua asking if they had the same demostration of military power over West Papua, but they said there were no single hawks there. This may mean the hawks came from Biak or Ujung Pandang or from Jakarta.

While hawks were on the air, Javanese, Buginese, Bataknese, Torajanese, (in short those from Western Indonesia) came out and appeared to be saying: "Look, Papuans! You cannot win this war! We are far more equiped with the support from the UK and the USA! These airplanes are from the UK, we have killed you last time with Bronco fighters from the states. We are using weapons from Europe, using telecomunication equipments from Canada and we are using money from the IMF and the World Bank to kill you!, etc.!

The Collective Editorial Board of the Diary of Online Papua Mouthpiece did a quick survey of the opinions towards three points: (1) The deployment of Mobile Brigade personel into Wamena, (2) Air possibility of aerial bombardment, and (3) the fear of putting down the Morning Staf Flag by Indonesian mobile brigade.

All of the 20 Satgas Posts we visited said:

(1) We are ready to die for our land;

(2) Indonesia can use any tools and equipment that it has, from the West, from the East, from heaven or from hell. It does not matter. Papuans are fighting with bows and arrows and sticks, we are fighting with our culture for our culture. THe truth is that we are innocent and we are on the side of the truth. We will win the war, and therefore, we do not care about hawks and even atom bomb, we do not care. The only thing Papuans know is that we are already independent and we are now seeking international support for it.

(3) The present of Mobile Brigade does not fear Papuans whatsoever, even it encourages the people to be more alert and more prepared. They learn more when they face more threats.

They are ready to sacrifice all they have and even their lives, but they are asking the world, particularly the UK and theUSA:

1) To stop military ties with Indonesia

2) To Reconsider British Ethical Foreign Policy and the sale of Hawks to Indonesia

3) To start to seek the root of the problem in West Papua, i.e. the Act of Free Choice which was unlawful.

Thanks very much,

CEB reporting from Wamena

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Indonesian Police beaten a Papuan in Wamena this evening.

24 Sep 2000

A Papuan from Mee tribe was severely beaten by a police in Wamena this evening. The body is now in the emergency room of Wamena Hostpital as reported by our currier.

The people are now surrounding Wamena Police Station and they will attack the Police Station in the morning (tomorrow morning). Most probably the people will demand for the police to be responsible and also they will ask to withdraw the presence of police and army in West Papua.

Further report will follow tomorrow.

The CEB Reporting from Wamena.

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TPN Shut Down Offices of Papua Presidium Council and FORERI.

29 Aug 2000

At 11.20 local time, the Liberation Army of West Papua (TPN) holding the Command of the Free Papua Movement today came to the office of the Papua Presidium Council (PDP) and FORERI and shut down both offices. Members of the OPM were sent by the Supreme Commander of the TPN/OPM General TPN PB Mathias Wenda using the Spokesperson of the Regional COmmander III, Nemangkawi that Kelly Kwalik leads.The keys of the two offices are now on the hands of the TPN/OPM members. There were four demands they reported to one of the local papers, Cenderawasih Pos today. 1. That Presidium Council must come to the Headquarter of the TPN/OPM and meet the Supreme Commander of the TPN/OPM reporting what the Council has done so far. The Supreme Commader regreted that the Council has now become a good tool for Indonesia to isolate the aspiration of independence and to make it a local issue rather than an international isue. 2. FORERI and the Council must got to Vanimo, the headquarter of the TPN/OPM to take back the keys of the two offices. 3. The Council was, according to the aspiration that was openly expressed on the West PApua COngress II, 2000, what the people want is INDEPENDENCE, not investors. TPN/OPM strongly refuse the involvement of investors in the politics of West Papua remembering that West PApua is now within Indonesia due to conspiracy for the sake of investment in West Papua. 4. TPN/OPM is now ready to take any actions to channel the aspiration of Melanesian people in West Papua to gain their full self-determination democratically and peacfully.

We are urging all supporters of West Papua independence movement to stay on alert. Various incidents are likely to occur as follow ups of today's action.

Amunggut Tabi

Spokesperson for Foreign Affais of the TPN/OPM Reporting from Vanimo,PNG

People's Motion of Distrust to the Presidium Council of Papua


  1. Political cirses in West Papua at the moment.
  2. Activities of the Indonesian army and police that continuously provoke, intimidate, terrorise and murder West Papua people to block the aspiration for resolving the political status of West Papua within Indonesia by revisiting the Act of Free Choice, 1969.
  3. The need to draw a clear line of struggle to channel the people's aspiration for a democratic and peaceful self-determination process.
  4. That the Presidium Council of Papua clearly sets aside the people's aspiration for self-determination, but focusing more on the vested interests of small groups and individuals in West Papua.
  5. The conspiracy between foreign investors such as Freeport McMoRan and members of Presidium Council of Papua such as the one signed on 13th Juli, 2000 in New Orleans, the states.
  6. The people's decision on the Papua National Congress II, 2000 that the issue of West Papua should go International and it should become an international issue.


  1. There is a need to take accountability for the sacrifices of resources, energy, time, and even blood for the sake of West Papua self-determination.
  2. There is a need to channel the aspiration of the People that was openly declared on the Papua National Congress II, 2000.
  3. There is an urgency to respond to the critalisation of the people's demand for a self-determination this year.
  4. There is a suspicion that Presidium Council of Papua mediated by FORERI is now deviating its role and activities from its early mission. People are getting worried that the Council is doing its best for the people in West Papua.
  5. There are some indications that the Council is a tool of the Indonesian government to make the aspiration of the people for a democratic self-determination as a local issue, not an international one. 6. Our reliable sources confirmed that Indonesia and its army are trying to move guerrilla fighters of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) into West Papua villages, including the political refugees who now live in Papua New Guinea.


  1. That from now on, at 11.20, date August 30th, 2000, the office of both the Presidium Council and FORERI are closed from its activities.
  2. That the leaderships of the Council and FORERI must take a clear stand on the political agenda of West Papua people by setting aside the issue of investment in this land because West Papua was given away to Indonesia on the name of investors and investment in 1969.
  3. That the Council and FORERI Leaders must go to the Commander in Chief of the TPN/OPM to report the progress of their diplomacy and international lobbies because people are being killed day and night by Indonesia until today.
  4. That if the Council and FORERI leaders do not respond to these demands then we will take over the leadership of diplomacy and lobby at international level to channel the voice of the people for a democratic self-determination.
  5. Whoever opens the offices before the Council and FORERI responsible for their conducts will face high risks and will be accountable for the people of West Papua.


Spokesperson for NEMANGKAWI Regional Commander in the Central Highlands On Behalf of the Commander in Chief of the TPN/OPM West Papua

Linde B. Kogoya

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