This website has not been updated for some years. As of September 2004, a new website - Solidarity South Pacific - has superseded this, though this website has been left as it may still contain useful content.

Resources from OPM SG

Indonesia's Hi-jacking of the Melanesians' Rights
Transcript of a talk given by Amunggut Tabi.

Pics for making posters, flyers etc
Image gallery of pics suitable for adding to promotional material for local groups.

Rumble in the Jungle: Fighting For Freedom in West Papua (22pp)
An interview with a representative of the OPM. The interview covers: Papuan traditional culture, the impact of the Indonesian occupation, multinational mining scum, the OPM and resistance to Indonesian rule, women in the struggle, West Papua after Suharto and what the future holds. A reprint from the radical ecological journal Do or Die. £0.60 + postage (inland 30p, EU 40p, World-wide £1.10) Online version.

Frontier Wars: West Papua Video Compilation (3hrs)
Three films covering the history of the West Papuan struggle with interview with OPM fighters in the Bush. Amazing footage that shows how the tribal people live and resist in the wild forests and mountains. One film concentrates on the 1996 British hostage situation and exposes the involvement of UK based mercenaries, the SAS and the Red Cross in the massacre that followed. Both shocking and inspiring. £3 + postage (Inland £1.00, EU £2.00, World-wide £3.00) Clips from video

Ecological Revolution on Bougainville: Video Compilation (1 hr 30 mins)
The successful ecological revolution on Bougainville (see article above) has been an inspiration to Indigenous people and radical ecologists all around the world. This compilation carries two films one from 1995 and one from 2000. £3 + postage (Inland £1.00, EU £2.00, Worldwide £3.00)

West Papua Action Update
We intend to publish the Update irregularly when news and events necessitate. For this reason subs are for a number of issues, rather than a period of time. A five issue sub is £1.50 + postage (Inland £1.25, EU £2.00, World-wide £5.50) If you can help distribute we will send you a bundle. Online version.

E-mail News List
There is a low volume news list. Send a message to asking to go on the opm news list.

Send order details along with payment (blank payee postal orders only) to the OPM SG (Brighton) c/o Solidarity South Pacific. Contact us for bulk order details or if you want to make a donation over £20.