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They can never put out the fire of freedom in the human heart.

They can lock us in their deepest dungeons, separate us from all that we love, strip us of our very dignity, and yet deep inside us it will still burn and yearn for its birthright.

They can try all they like, these regulating robots, jumped-up jobsworths, self-appointed sentinels of what we are permitted to do, say or think.

They can rip up our rights, step up their surveillance, eavesdrop our emails, impose ID cards, monitor our movements, pepper-spray our protests, inhibit our ideas, veto our visions, drown out our discourse, infiltrate our initiatives, eliminate our evidence, deny our dissent, nobble our news, rummage through our records, steal our space, enclose our existences, prosecute our pleasures and crack down on our cries of outrage and refusal.

But they can never put out the fire of freedom in the human heart.

Worthing, England. 2009. Suddenly some people announced they had suffered enough at the hands of the tin-pot tyrants and their totalitarian technologies.

Suddenly they realised that there was no time to waste, no thing to lose, no future to fear other than the diseased one that was creeping up on them with insidious inevitability.

Suddenly they realized that the peasants' revolt had to start somewhere, had to start some time!

Sound the klaxons from the rooftops!

Ring the bells and rouse the sleeping citizenry!

Mobilise the moribund masses and gather in the streets armed with strong voice and happy determination!

The Freedom March is coming!

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