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KNOWING exactly where your kids are and what they’re doing has long been a fact of life, thanks to modern tracking technology.

But making sure they are precisely where you want them to be and behaving in the way you require is not always so straight-forward.

Now, however, a new device could at last bring mums and dads the security of complete control, even when they’re not physically at the scene.

The break-through has come about as a useful spin-off from efforts to control violent psychopaths and murderers held in Britain’s 200 penal hospitals.

With staff shortages always a problem, a way was needed of controlling prisoners’ movements and conduct, without resorting to punishment-level therapies.

Scientists came up with an ingenious modification to the common or garden personal chip, in which as well as reading and imparting information, it can also administer low-level pain.

Although the electric pulse, transmitted by microwave, is not strong enough to cause any proven lasting damage, it is sufficient to act as a powerful deterrent to any undesirable action.

Explained Jessica Smith of the National Child Welfare Association: “What this means in real terms is that if a parent sends a message to a child, ordering them to move in a westerly direction, for instance, and the child refuses to comply, or delays its compliance, it will be possible to enforce an immediate response by the administration of a shock.

“In other words, the child will have a gentle but sharp reminder of what it should be doing. By repeating the electrical admonition whenever a child moves in the incorrect direction, or fails to move at all, it is possible to effectively ‘steer’ a child in whatever direction required and at whatever speed desired.

“Their progress can, of course, be monitored in the usual way via the split-screen TV function,” she added.

As well as advancing the cause of child safety, there are obvious implications for the stability and sustainability of society as a whole and government advisers are predicting that demand will be such that the chip modification will eventually be rolled out to the adult population, with special police teams recruited to operate the system and ensure a safer future for us all.