47 Random Fragments of Unauthorised Hope and Despair


MIKE from head office was on the line. He said he needed a meeting. Sales figures were bad. Very bad. Less than ten percent up on this time last year.

“I can do Thursday or Friday,” he told her. “Which suits you best?”

“Well,” she replied. “We’re doing the launch on Thursday - you know, for the new range - and I’ve got this Friday off, so...”

Mike wasn’t happy. He said they couldn’t delay the launch - the timing was national - so it would have to be Friday.

“But I’ve got the day off, Mike. I booked it a month ago.”

He said he was sorry but it was an emergency and she’d have to cancel.

She paused. Somehow she had always known a moment like this was going to come along.

It was probably inevitable, sooner or later.

But she had never been quite sure how she would actually react.

The papers on the counter fluttered. A breeze came through the permanently open doors.

“Sorry Mike,” she insisted. “It’s my day off.”