47 Random Fragments of Unauthorised Hope and Despair


AN ILLEGAL music performer from Worthing was last week jailed for two months.

Frederick Salt, aged 47, of Broadwater Road, was caught committing the crime on August 12, the town’s court heard.

Prosecutor Jenny Player played CCTV footage showing Salt walking through the town centre at about 3pm.

She added: “You will hear that he is emitting a musical performance which, I submit, is clearly identifiable as the popular recording ‘Love Daze’, property of the Klang Corporation of New China.”

Judge Somerset dismissed Salt’s defence that he was “humming” because he was in a good mood.

He told him: “You must be aware that performances of copyrighted material, even on an impromptu basis, constitute a serious criminal offence that we have a duty to punish with due severity.

“Although you claim the act involved no material gain to yourself, which is irrelevant under law in any case, you have lost sight of the considerable cost to others of your irresponsible actions, not least the admirable Klang Corporation, and the distress that may have been caused to members of the public by your blatant act of theft.”

Salt was ordered to pay £350,000 copyright compensation to Klang.