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A SHOREHAM man has been placed in indeterminate detention after being found guilty of a terrorist offence.

The 46 year old former college lecturer had been tracked down by police to a remote spot on the South Downs at 7pm on July 6 this year.

The man, who cannot be identified due to emergency provisions, was unable to supply proof of any legitimate purpose for his presence there.

Judge Quentin Masters said the man’s explanation that he was “going for a walk” was inadequate in terms of anti-terrorist legislation.

He added: “In these days of unparalleled danger to public safety and our democratic heritage, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to ensure that we have acquired the necessary authorisation and documentation before embarking upon any journey beyond the realm of our established daily activities.

“Not to do so is hugely irresponsible. You have, through your selfish behaviour, not only wasted an enormous amount of police and court time, but also potentially provided a smokescreen for terrorist attacks on your community - a motive you have failed to prove was not in fact the primary purpose of your expedition.”

The judge dismissed defence claims that the man had “suffered enough” through the loss of his job and the subsequent break-up of his marriage.

The terrorist was ordered to pay £250,430 costs.