47 Random Fragments of Unauthorised Hope and Despair


THE MINISTER for Security yesterday made an unprecedented public apology over the authorities’ failure to identify a dead body recovered a month ago.

Roger Loughton said it was clearly unacceptable in this day and age for no identity to have been established, but insisted that lessons had now been learnt.

The body of the man, thought to have been in his 90s, was found in shrubbery outside the Ministry of Security itself on October 15.

The corpse was completely naked and appeared never to have been chipped.

DNA, fingerprint, facial matching and other techniques could not establish any ID and even the latest environmental tracking analysis failed to shed any light on the man’s background, save that he is believed to have been a long-term resident of London.

Said Mr Loughton: “I know that the public have been shocked to learn that a completely unchipped, unverified individual such as this could have been lurking in their midst, especially here in the capital.

“However, I do believe this is a one-off case, regrettable though it is.

“With the range of technology now at society’s disposal - ranging from pre-natal chipping to satellite sweeping and covert verification drones - it would be virtually impossible for anyone to repeat the criminal act committed by this irresponsible relic of our more dangerous past.

“With the discovery of this body, I truly believe we have seen the demise of this country’s very last unauthorised person.”