DEVELOPERS back down! Consortium says it will not be appealing against refusal of planning permission - and after just one visit! See events for news of special meeting on June 24.

Because of this victory the planned protest on Saturday June 26 outside developer Persimmon Homes' regional HQ in Fareham has been cancelled. They have already done what we were demanding they do!



TITNORE campaigners from Worthing have taken their message to London with a visit to the HQ of Heron International, one of the companies involved in the consortium that wants to build over our countryside at West Durrington.

After years of pressure, we have succeeded in persuading Worthing Borough Council to throw out the developers' scheme (in its current shape, anyway).

But the war is far from over. The campers in the woods know that, which is why they are still there, ready to fight on. Support for them is as crucial as ever.

We must also take our fight to the businesses that want to trample all over the will of the people of Worthing and push ahead with the scheme.

It will come as no surprise to learn that none of them are based locally - so to make our presence known, we're going to have to travel to where they are based.

The visit pictured here is just the start. More trips will be planned shortly and publicised here. Get in touch if you want to join in the efforts - or send us a photo and report of your own visit.

You might also like to write to Heron chairman Lowell Milken, clearly a cultured man who regards himself as something of a philanthropist, and ask him why his company wants to shit all over the people of Worthing.

Lowell Milken (Chairman)

Heron International

Heron House,

19 Marylebone Road,

London NW1 5JL

Here's what The Porkbolter wrote about Heron eight years ago, back in May 2002:

ONE of the property developers behind the Titnore Lane scheme in Durrington is a convicted crook who has been jailed for his shady deals, we can reveal. Super-rich Gerald Ronson is head of the Heron Group, one of the three firms involved in the West Durrington Consortium - the others are Bryant Homes (part of Taylor Woodrow) and Persimmon Homes. Ronson was found guilty of one charge of conspiracy, two of false accounting and one of theft in August 1990, as part of the notorious Guinness insider share dealing scandal. He was fined £5 million and sentenced to one year in prison, though he ended up serving only six months, being released in February 1991. Ronson’s Heron empire is 75 per cent-owned by some of the world’s most powerful tycoons including Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and the family trusts of junk bond dealer Michael Milken (The Observer, March 25, 2001). For some strange reason his Heron International, legal owner of stacks of Heron subsidiaries, is based in the Dutch Antilles. We trust that a public-spirited and community-minded fellow like Mr Ronson would not be involved in any attempt to avoid paying his share of taxes into the public purse... Ronson celebrates his 63rd birthday this month - coincidentally on May 26, the very day of the protest against the proposed development of Titnore Woods! So why not turn out just to wish Gerald many happy (financial) returns from the destruction of our countryside?


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