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Two important dates ahead

Saturday December 12 Happy Christmas Camp Titnore! Stall at Holders Corner, Montague Street, Worthing, to support long-running eco protest camp at Durrington. From 11am.

Thursday January 28 Save Titnore Woods! Protest at 5.30pm at Assembly Hall, Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing, before 6pm council planning meeting on West Durrington

Picnic stops Tesco construction!

Report from on protest

The picnic was great. A group of lovely people gathered near the existing Tesco, made friends and then started a picnic right in the gateway of the building site for the new mega Tesco. Two women dashed through an open gate onto the site and ate their picnic while locked to a dumper truck. Most work on the site was stopped, and most workers went home early. Several lorries arrived with deliveries, but had to turn back, when faced with the unusual gathering.

Those picnickers inside the site unlocked and left peacefully after the police said they’d have to arrest them if they didn’t. Soon after that, the rest of the picnic moved off to a more relaxing spot.

Meanwhile, some more people ran a information stall to tell shoppers at Tesco about the protests. This was quite well received – in a town with seven Tesco stores, most people have already noticed how difficult it is to find independent local shops. This stall followed on from a long weekend of running a stall about the campaign at the Out of the Ordinary festival.

The Worthing Herald came and have written it up with photos and a short video, on their website [It was the front page story in Thursday's paper]

We told a lot of people about Titnore Woods and Tesco, we slowed the building just a little bit, costing more for Tesco and the contractors, Kier. Also we showed what can be done with a few sandwiches and a bicycle D-lock, when we decide to stand up to the power of a massive corporation trying to take over the world. Well done to everyone who took part!

For those who were wondering, the picnic was on a weekday because there would be no-one working on the site at weekend. Some home-educated kids were lucky enough to come and join in. The contractors are not allowed to work at weekends, so if anyone does notice them breaking the rules, maybe you should let the council know, and us too.

If anyone’s considering doing something similar, you’d better get there soon, as the construction is racing along pretty fast.

Protect Our Woodland!


Saturday August 29 2009

ANOTHER police raid to report, two events coming up and a new website launched for the protest camp - it's all happening at Titnore Woods!

Police bullies returned to Camp Titnore in Durrington, Worthing, shortly after the previous incident, stepping up intimidation of the eco-protesters the day before the bulldozers were due to move in to start building a new Tesco next to the threatened ancient woodlands.

Campers said there were eight thugs-in-blue, some of them having taken part in the previous week's raid, and it was assumed they suspected they were checking numbers on site.

A police van was driven on to a flinty area of field and, when it was allegedly found to have a flat tyre, two random campers were arrested and held in police cells for eight hours on the dubious charge of criminal damage.

Needless to say, in the complete absence of any evidence of wrong-doing, they were released without charge.

To celebrate the end of what has seemed a life long struggle to get to get much of the Titnore Woodland included in the South Downs National Park, campaigners have decided to have a bit of a ramble to show everyone what it has been about.

They say: "Please join us in the northern car park of the ‘Trout’ pub / restaurant, Fulbeck Ave Durrington Worthing at 12 noon on Sunday August 30 for a leisurely jaunt to see the wonderful landscape we now hope and expect to be included within the Park. It will also be an opportunity to meet and talk to the people involved.

"Final details of the jaunt will be decided on the day but it’s envisaged a 2-part stroll. The first part a round trip of about 2 miles along the farmland footpath 3114 that will show the extent of the damage the proposed development will do – Tesco has already started. We will then go on to view the Castle Goring conservation area and much of the Titnore Woodland.

"At this point the decision can be made either to return to the pub for refreshments or to continue on the 2nd part, past Castle Goring, onto Highdown Hill and maybe the camp the protectors of Titnore Woods have built."

On Tuesday September 22, there’ll be a Family Picnic Day to stop Tesco at Titnore. Meet at 12 noon at the roundabout in front of the existing Tesco. It’s where Romany Road joins New Road, in West Durrington.

Add campaigners: "At about 12.30 we’ll move to a better picnic site in the fields behind the Tesco car park, where building work for the new Tesco has begun. Bring food to share and anything else that you think will help make the point that we don’t want Tesco destroying our landscape and our communities! Please tell your friends and bring them along. There should be a poster to download soon, from the new Camp Titnore website:"

Sunday August 16 2009

POLICE bullies have invaded Camp Titnore and intimidated the protesters, who have been peacefully occupying the threatened Durrington woodland since 2006.

Coming just a few weeks after Tesco got permission for its disgusting new abomination on neighbouring fields, it is feared this heralds an all-out attack on the camp by the usual unholy alliance of profiteering capitalist scum, corrupt local authorities and the taxpayer-funded thugs-in-blue.

Strong rumours are circulating that Worthing Borough Council planners are to meet very soon to give the final go-ahead for the 875-home housing development at Titnore Woods and that the camp will be cleared by force before work starts, possibly as soon as October.

The campers are appealing for all those who have supported them during their three-year marathon protest to make the effort to come and visit them now - before it is too late - and show the authorities that they cannot mistreat them with impunity as they enjoy public backing.

If people can go and stay at the camp for any amount of time, no matter how small, that would obviously be even better.

The latest police raid on the camp came under the the pretence of a "health and safety check". Up to 18 tooled-up ‘officers’ intimidated the environmentalists with video cameras, as they were in-terror-gated. This included a young woman with a 4-year-old child who was visiting friends at the camp. The police then search and video’d all areas of the camp despite being told to leave the campers' home.

Clearly even after all the criticism of the police by government ministers following their behaviour in London in April they are still out of control.

The campers now expect more harassment in order to get them to give up and leave.

Warning of a possible move to give the housing development the OK imminently, campaign group Protect Our Woodland! says: "A lot has to be done in a very short time. First please could you sign the petition at: and ask all in your address book to do the same. Next it is still very important to send an e-mail of objection to the council, please find all the details here then if you've still got the energy write to the papers.

"Yes we know there's been very little reporting in the local papers - except for the Tesco part of the development - that's because editors get fed up with the same old suspects writing in endlessly. So let's see if a new hand will get results. All the details are here.

Meanwhile the Durrington and Northbrook Times reports that work on the massive new Tesco Extra will start tomorrow, Monday August 17, with residents' concerns bulldozed out of the path of the monster that they like to call progress.

It reported in a special email bulletin:

"At a public meeting in the Durrington Community centre, Robert Curtis Project Manager for builders Kier revealed that although disturbance to local residents would be kept to a minimum there would be some inconvenience.

"He admitted to a stunned audience, that one maximum weight multi-wheeled truck would have to come through the existing Tesco car park every 7 minutes as negotiations had broken down with the owner of land north of Fulbeck Ave, previously earmarked. The route to the car park indicated on the handout was through residential roads such as New Road (From the Lamb) and Romany Road.

"It was further revealed that apart from rainwater harvesting NO other sustainable features are to be incorporated. Not even one solar panel.

"So there we are then, our council has allowed this mega rich conglomerate to build a shed that will be a blot on the landscape, create a traffic nightmare, destroy local residents right to breathe clean air and enjoy peace and quiet. Thank you councillors you will be remembered at election time.

"What a shame not one reporter from either the Worthing Herald or Argus felt it necessary to be present to report on this. However you can rely on The Durrington and Northbrook Times to report what’s going on to residents."

You can read a complete issue of the Durrington and Northbrook Times here

Tuesday July 21 2009

AN OPEN day is to be held at Camp Titnore this Saturday, July 25, campers have announced.

They said: "It will be focussed towards workshops and play for children, as well as workshops and information for adults. We are constructing an adventure playground, will hold climbing lessons, provide information on all the developments in the area and we'll be cooking delicious vegan food as always. And the famous kettle will be boiling away on the fire all day for the most important, teas and coffees :)

"In the afternoon and evening we will have some live acoustik musik so any musicians are encouraged to bring along instruments and join the funky jam ;-)

"Nearby to the camp, TESCO have started to build their hyperstore (without full planning permission) so now is a very important time for all concerned by this development to get together and think of possible solutions. The final planning meeting for this development is 30th July but they have already started with large scale "archaeological diggings" (with several huge beast machines including a roller for some reason...). It would be great to discuss this with local residents as well as activists or anyone from elsewhere who feels they have something to input. Or anyone who just wants a fun day out with their family.

"At the camp we can be contacted by email so if anyone is up for doing any workshops or wants to help organising (I know its short notice!) then contact me through that.

"Directions: The camp is in woods just north of "Somerset Lake", a fishing lake east of Titnore Lane. Best access is from the rear of Tesco's car park. As you leave the car park look straight ahead and you will see a SECOND line of trees in the distance that go from right to left, that's where you are going. (There might be a flag on top) The choice is yours, go across the fields or go left and around the edge of the fields. We go across the fields but either way as you get to the round clump of trees in the center keep them to your left as you pass, the camp is now only 20yds as you approach the next line of trees on the left. Tesco's in Durrington is served by no 3 + 3A, 4 + 4A and 10 + 10A buses from Worthing town center or Worthing central railway station. Nearest railway station is Goring by Sea, but both stations are on the main South Coast line with direct trains from Brighton, Portsmouth and London."

Monday July 20 2009

MESSAGE from Protect Our Woodland!

Dear Worthing resident,

As you might know your council are to decide on Thursday, July 30 if a Tesco Extra store can be built on the farm land west of the present store and we are objecting.

If you agree with us then the last thing that can be done to stop this store being built (within the law) is for you to e-mail your councillor and ask them to tell their member who sits on the planning committee of your reason for not wanting the store built. This could be for environmental reasons or even because of the damage a Superstore with free parking only 3 miles away will do to town centre shops. There are other reason contained in the sample letter at: we asked you to write before.

The name and e-mail address of your councillor can be found here (note that the council haven't updated this since 2008) If you love the Titnore area as it is now please write today. July 30 is too late!!.

Remember to give your name and address.

Monday May 11 2009

A STALL celebrating the imminent third anniversary of Camp Titnore will be staged at Holder's Corner in Worthing Town Centre (near the old Woolworth's) on Saturday May 16 from 11am to about 2pm. Supporters are invited to come and support the event and raise public awareness of the ongoing battle.

Sunday April 26 2009

TITNORE campers and nearby residents are joining forces to oppose the plans for the new Tesco Extra hypermarket which threatens to take over a field near the site and the proposed housing development (see below). Leaflets and newsletters are being produced for residents. If you can help spread the word contact the camp or go to And don't forget Thursday night's meeting at the Beechwood Hall.

Sunday April 12 2009

THE PROTEST camp against the 875-homes development at Titnore Woods, Durrington, Worthing, is now approaching its third birthday and the campaigners are still in good spirits. Visitors are always welcome and help is always needed. At the moment beams of wood for building more tree houses would be particularly useful, plus someone with a van or truck to help bring material to the site. Tinned food provision are always gratefully received.

Saturday April 11 2009

TESCO'S application to go ahead with its massive Tesco Extra store next to the protest camp is currently up before the council. Write in against the new megastore, quoting application number WB/09/0146/ARM and send to the Development Control Manager, Worthing Borough Council, Portland House, Richmond Road, Worthing by 14th May 2009. Opponents are also being urged to write to the Worthing Herald at setting out their feelings about the proposal. More info from Protect Our Woodland!. The issue will also be discussed at the next meeting of Worthing Alliance, to be held at Beechwood Hall, Wykeham Road, Worthing, at 8pm on Thursday April 30.

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