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CAMP TITNORE 2007/2008
Saturday December 13


DETERMINED eco-protesters in Worthing are facing up to the hardest challenge yet in their two and a half year occupation of threatened woodland.

The freezing temperatures and stormy conditions mean life is currently no picnic for the hardy protesters camped out in Titnore Woods, West Durrington, in a last-ditch bid to try and stop a new housing estate and Tesco megastore from being built over green fields and ancient woodland.

And grateful local supporters are organising a pre-Christmas stall in the town centre to bring festive cheer to the tree-house dwellers, who moved onto the site back in May 2006.

They will be collecting provisions for the protesters under the title "A Hamper for a Camper" at Holder's Corner, Montague Street, Worthing, on Saturday December 20, from 11am.

Said Dave Phillips of Worthing eco-action, one of the groups opposed to the development: "This is now the third Christmas for Camp Titnore and it looks like being the toughest yet for them. We've had some mild winters recently, but this year is certainly not turning out that way.

"When people are tucked away indoors with their Christmas goodies, they might want to spare a thought for the folk at the camp, who will be staying there throughout the festive period because they are so committed to what they are doing.

"A lot of people we talk to simply can't believe the camp is still there after all this time - it really is a tribute to their dedication. This protest must go down as a major event in Worthing's history - there's never been anything like it - and yet it seems to be so easily forgotten in the rush of everyday life.

"We think Christmas is a good moment for people who support what they are doing there, and who want the camp to carry on the fight, to show their appreciation in whatever way they can. They could also simply go down to the camp in person, of course."

More information on the campaign can be seen online at and

* An updated application for the 875-home estate is currently due for consideration by Worthing Borough Council planners and people still have time to make a comment, quoting the code WB/04/00040/OUT, to the planning department in Portland House, Richmond Road, Worthing.

Saturday November 29

A MESSAGE from Protect our Woodland:

a) There is now a detailed layout of the development, showing the position of all the houses and utility buildings etc. It's on our website at

b) Although Worthing Council has extended the deadline for comments, we do urge you to send them in ASAP and in any case before Christmas. Sample letters are at:

c) At the last count our Petition on the Downing Street website had reached 247 signatures. If you have forgotten to sign it will only take 5 minutes at:

Sunday November 23

A FUNDRAISING concert for the Titnore Woods campaign is to be held on Sunday January 11 2009, 8pm, at Clapham & Patching Village Hall, A280 Long Furlong, near Worthing. Performing live and acoustic will be Greg Harper, Cornflower Blue and Claire Booth. Entry £3 on the door. Bring your own refreshments. Proceeds raised will be used to pay a transport consultant's fees in connection with the campaign to save the Titnore area.

Sunday November 9

NEWS from Worthing Borough Council is that the Titnore application will not now be considered until "the New Year" and in the meantime all objections are still being accepted. So if you thought you'd missed the deadline, you hadn't! There's still time to get writing and persuade others to do so as well.

Sunday October 12

Our friends at Protect Our Woodland have set up a petition on the 10 Downing Street website calling for the Titnore development at West Durrington to go to a public inquiry. Although the deadline on the site is stated as next year, POW says it is crucial to get as many signatures as possible before the end of October. To sign up, click here. Also, a last-minute reminder that the fundraising meal for Camp Titnore is being held today, Sunday, at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, from 2pm to 6pm. Price per meal is expected to be around £5 or slightly less.

Thursday October 9

The deadline for objections to the Titnore Woods planning appeal has been extended, the borough council has now said. It was originally today (October 9), but comments will now be accepted until the end of this month (or even, apparently, up to two days before the committee meeting, but since nobody knows when that will be, that is not so helpful). A campaigner has very helpfully tracked down the online location of a form, specific to the Titnore application, that can be filled in by anyone who has not yet sent in their objection. This is particularly handy if you are short of time, as it doesn't necessarily require any comments, just a box to tick saying you object. It can be found here

Meanwhile, a slight correction to the info about the fundraising meal for Titnore at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, on Sunday October 12. The start time is in fact 2pm. Price per meal is expected to be around £5 or slightly less.

Sunday October 5

A special meeting on Titnore Woods and opposing the planning application will be held on Wednesday October 8, upstairs at The Rest, Bath Place, Worthing. 8pm. There will be a chance to hear the interview James Appleton (Worthing's head of planning) did on Spirit FM, together with clips from other interviews made by our supporters. There will then be a discussion on the way forward and samples of objection letters to be sent.

Saturday September 27

THREE events in the Titnore Woods struggle are coming up. Tonight there is a fundraising evening at the excellent Cowley Club in Brighton. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the open day at the camp in West Durrington, which landowner Clem Somerset has done his best to spoil by ploughing the fields on the way over from Tesco - but it's still perfectly passable! And on October 12 the Cowley Club is hosting a vegan haggis Sunday Lunch to raise funds for the Titnore campaign. See here for details of these events, all of which are, of course, worthy of everyone's support!

Sunday September 14

THE PROTECT Our Woodland website has now been fully updated and contains lots of very useful and detailed information about the West Durrington planning application and how to object. The campaign is also calling for a public enquiry and wants people in Peter Bottomley's West Worthing constituency to contact him and ask him to push for this. Get all the info from

Meanwhile the Titnore Woods stall will be held again in Montague Place, Worthing, from 11am to 2pm next Saturday, September 20 (weather permitting). And on Sunday September 21 there is the clean-up day.

Sunday September 7

IT IS crucial that everyone opposed to the disastrous Titnore Woods development gets their objection in to Worthing Borough Council as soon as possible.

Owing to the short time available (final deadline is October 9), it is not going to be possible for campaigners to get the message across to everyone who supports the struggle.

Therefore, we are asking all of you to help by distributing information to your friends, neighbours, colleagues etc - can you put some leaflets and sample letters through doors in your street, for example?

To help with this, here are downloads of a leaflet and a sample letter to the council. There's nothing official about these - it would be great if people wrote their own letters, but with people's lives so busy we thought it would help to have something ready to send in.

The stall went well on Saturday - it managed to avoid the rain completely - and, weather permitting, there will be another one next week, from 11am on Saturday September 13, in Montague Place (near McDollar's). Don't forget the tidy-up at the site from 10am on Sunday September 21 and the open day from 2pm on Sunday September 28.

Sunday August 31

WHEN is a wood not a wood? When it has a road running right through it!

The "new" planning application for the West Durrington development is being sold to the Worthing public as a "response to public opinion" that will spare many of the Titnore trees.

But, like the original plans, it includes access roads that will cut right through the beautiful ancient woodland currently occupied by the protest camp. A wood is no longer a viable bio-system with a road cutting it in half. Wildlife like dormice and crested newts will not survive in what will be no more than roadside clumps of trees surrounded by tarmac and executive homes.

The developers do not mention that the lack of road widening was forced on them through legal pressure, rather than dreamt up out of the goodness of their hearts. And they do not mention what would be likely to happen in a few years' time, when the massive increase in traffic to the new estate and the mega-Tesco would no doubt be expected to force a re-think on Titnore Lane for the usual "safety" reasons.

Needless to say, the battle against the destruction of our countryside in West Durrington goes on! We are urging everyone to send in their letters of objection to planning application WB/04/00040/OUT as soon as possible - October 9 is the very latest deadline. Write to James Appleton, Executive Head of Planning, Regeneration and Wellbeing, at Worthing Borough Council, Portland House, Richmond Road, Worthing BN11 1LF or email

There will also be stalls in Worthing town centre, the first being next Saturday, September 6, from 11am at Holder's Corner, Montague Street (near Liverpool Gardens).

And, of course, the camp is still going strong. There is, however, an urgent need for repairs to the infrastructure and defences, which have degraded over the last couple of years. Polyprop rope is badly wanted - as well as financial contributions.

If you can spare an hour or two to help at the camp, a tidy-up day is being held on Sunday September 21, from 10am. And then on Sunday September 28 there will be an Open Day, from 2pm. This will included guided tours, showing where the roads and housing are planned to destroy the area. Bring food to share.

Monday August 25

Message from Protect Our Woodland!

New Titnore Plans. New plans for the massive Titnore development have been received at 16.20 today (Friday). We will be publishing them on our website, with comment, over the weekend after we digest the full implication of this major setback

Sunday August 10

Message from Protect Our Woodland!

Dear friends and supporters,

With news that a revised planning application is to go before Worthing council soon the Titnore campers are starting to prepare for a possible eviction by Bailiffs. The camp tell us that on previous camp evictions the bailiffs have come from Wales and stayed in local B and B's. With that in mind the camp has requested everyone to keep a look out for groups of mini busses parked around town and other local areas - climbing gear etc inside is a give away.

As many of you will know the camp has been in the woods since May 2006 and has survived flooding and storm force winds but is now in need of urgent repairs to cope with the coming winter. All the skills are at the camp to do that work but what they need is materials.

Most important is 12mm blue 'poly' rope and large tarpaulins. However things such as hammers, saws, nails, shovels, forks in fact any unwanted things like that are needed. One other thing, has anyone got a Nokia phone charger with a round connector - the model number maybe ACP-7X. All items can be collected locally.

Finally. We have discovered that the land Tesco want to build their new mega store on is owned by them and Nissan - yes the car company. As the store application has been passed by Worthing council, work to build the store could start at anytime and be a day and night hell for all those who live near the site.

Best wishes

Protect Our Woodland.

Sunday July 27

APOLOGIES for the lack of recent updates here, but often no news is good news... It seems that Tesco is on the point of going ahead with its massive new store next its current one in West Durrington and is expected to move onto the land shortly. The development, next to Titnore Woods, will include an extension of Fulbeck Avenue to the new megastore.

Meanwhile, the slighly amended plans for the housing development are also getting closer to submission, it appears.

A request has come from the woodland defenders for spades, forks and any gardening tools you might have no further use for. Items can be collected from around the Worthing area or taken direct to Camp Titnore. There is also a request for help to clear an area of ragwort (yellow weed dangerous to animals) in the field close to the camp. If you can spare an hour or two it would be much appreciated. Follow this link for directions:

Sunday May 25

TITNORE Woods supporters took over the steps of Worthing Town Hall for an hour or so yesterday in a good-natured celebration of Camp Titnore's second anniversary. Alongside the usual placards and banners were party hats and home-made birthday cakes, as supporters posed for press photos, gave three cheers to the eco-activists who have been protecting our countryside since May 2006 and gave a rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You', as between six and nine police watched on at a distance. There was even a spot of tree climbing.

Less cheerful news was that Tesco's plans for its massive expansion on the West Durrington site have now been given outline planning permission by Worthing Borough Council.

BBC report

Worthing Herald report

Sunday May 11

A BIG date in the calendar for the battle to save Titnore Woods is fast approaching.

On Saturday May 24, supporters will gather on the steps of Worthing Town Hall, at 2pm, for a party to celebrate the second birthday of Camp Titnore, the eco-protest camp at West Durrington.

The campaign has, of course, being going a lot more than two years, but the extraordinary achievement of those who have kept alive a continued presence in the woods since May 2006 just cannot be over-emphasised.

Not every one is able to get down to the camp to express their support, so this event in the town centre is a great opportunity to show the protesters you are with them in spirit.

In line with the party theme, you are invited to wear and bring party stuff - hats, balloons, whatever you fancy. And it is hoped to have a musical element as well - so if you know anyone who can play and bring instruments along on the day, please encourage them to do so.

Media are being invited to the event and it would be great to have a decent turn-out, so please forward this message on to other people - let's make a real effort to celebrate in style and communicate our ongoing determination to see off this threat to Worthing's environmental heritage!

Sunday May 4

A CANDIDATE supporting the Titnore Woods eco-protest camp in Worthing was arrested at the election count on Friday.

Dawn Smith, who was standing for the Stop Durrington's Overdevelopment - Save Titnore's Trees party, in the borough's Northbrook ward, was arrested after a row at Worthing's Assembly Hall, apparently for "disorderly behaviour".

She was thrown to the ground by police, held down with her hands behind her back, knelt on and handcuffed, then held for four hours at Durrington police station - all for objecting to her supporters being violently ejected from the count.

Dawn, who has not been charged, explained that there was confusion over the passes for her guests at the count, who included Titnore eco-campers. Names she had registered did not seem to have been recorded, in an official bungle.

Other people, considered of "respectable" appearance, were waved through by security but they demanded ID from her supporters.

While she went to try and sort the error, some of the campers wandered through into the hall and were attacked and physically thrown out by security staff in what she called a "complete over-reaction".

Dawn objected vocally. She said: "I shouted at them. The only reason they did this was because the guys had dreadlocks. I'm not going to stand by and see someone jumped on."

She went outside to report the assault to police, but found they were less than sympathetic and a female police officer threatened to arrest her for "shouting".

When she persisted with her complaint, explaining she was a candidate and the people ejected were her guests, she was again threatened with arrest.

She said: "I turned to go in and the next thing I knew I was on the floor."

Dawn and the campers are looking at taking legal action over the incident.

* Dawn notched up a creditable 99 votes in the ward which, with the usual low Northbrook turnout, translates to 11% of the votes. She pushed the BNP back into fourth and last place.

Sunday April 27

Good news for the Titnore trees! One of the developers for the West Durrington project has announced that the economy has forced it to halt new building work! - see report below.

Perhaps because of this, a new application still does not seem to have been received for the site by the council.

This means it is more important than ever to keep the campaign going strong - with a bit more effort we may actually be able to do the impossible and Save Titnore Woods!

A stall will be held in Montague Place, Worthing town centre, on Saturday May 10, from 11am. And then on Saturday May 24, at 2pm, there will be a celebration of the second anniversary of the tree camp on the steps of the town hall - please make an effort to attend, if at all possible, and forward details to anyone who may be interested. There will also be a celebration at the camp itself that evening.

Britain's biggest homebuilder halts new projects

Graeme Wearden

Thursday April 24 2008

Persimmon, Britain's biggest homebuilder, today called on the government to urgently consider lifting the stamp duty threshold as the weakening housing market forced it to halt new building work.

In a grim update on the health, or otherwise, of the UK housing market, the company said that its sales had slumped in April. Cancellation rates also increased this month, as banks and building societies started pulling their mortgage deals.

Activity was down even before the credit crunch hit mortgage availability. Persimmon has sold 18% fewer houses so far this year than a year ago - despite having cut prices, offered more incentives to buyers and upped its marketing activity.

In a statement accompanying its annual general meeting, the company pleaded for some help from the government warning that the £50bn bailout for the banking sector agreed this week may not be enough.

"We believe that the government should urgently consider additional action to benefit first-time buyers by increasing the threshold for stamp duty to support an improvement in activity and help those who are most in need of assistance," Persimmon said.

At present, buyers only escape paying stamp duty if they buy a house for less than £125,000, or £150,000 in disadvantaged areas.

In a research note, Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander commented that Persimmon seemed to have thrown in the towel on hopes of any improvement in the second half of the year, and was now "reduced to pleading for government help".

The tougher market conditions mean Persimmon will not commence building work at any new sites until it sees evidence of a recovery. Ominously, it said only that market activity would increase "at some stage".

"Because of the uncertainties of the global economy and the UK lending environment it is difficult to predict when the market will improve," it said.

A spokesman explained that work is continuing at its current building sites.

The gloomy forecast sent Persimmon's shares tumbling by nearly 9% by midday. Other housebuilders also suffered, with Barratt Developments plunging 13% and Taylor Wimpey 10% lower.

The scale of the challenge facing housebuilders was underlined yesterday by the British Bankers Association, which said demand for mortgages had fallen to its lowest level since 1997.

The government met with lenders earlier this week and urged them to pass on recent interest rate cuts.

Analysts at Landsbanki predicted this morning that mortgage lending may start to recover in June.

Sunday April 6

A TITNORE candidate will be standing in the Worthing Borough Council elections on May 1 in the local Northbrook ward, we have just heard, under the title "Stop Durrington's Over-Development, Save Titnore's Trees!". Anyone who would like to help out in any way can contact Dawn at

Meanwhile, the camp needs its calor gas supply refilled. Anyone with transport who can help out should contact the camp.

Sunday March 16

AS THE second anniversary of Camp Titnore grows closer, and with no sign yet of the new revised planning application for the site ("mid-May by the latest" is the latest estimate from Worthing council), the campers are getting into summer season mood by starting a Sunday Free Cafe on the last Sunday of every month, inviting local people and kids to go down and get involved. There wll be music, workshops, free food, stuff for children etc. The first of these will be on Sunday March 30 - so spread the word and book the day in your diary!

Sunday March 2

STILL no news of a new planning application for the site. But there is news of a book re-launch that will be of interest to eco-activists. Nine Miles: Two Winters of Anti-Road Protest by Jim Hindle (ex-Worthing man), seeks to portray the fight against the Newbury bypass and other road protests of the British Isles in the mid-1990s. It was a fight characterised by extreme cold, fire and community, cider, drugs and living simply in the woods. It was a fight to preserve our natural inheritance, to make the case for sustainable transport in the face of powerful vested interests and in a wider sense, to stand up for the earth herself at a time when our lifestyles are often grossly out of balance with the natural order of things. Ten years on, that fight has lost none of its urgency.

The book is now in its second edition, with 16 pages of colour photographs. ISBN 978-0-9552737-1-1

Copies can be ordered via A launch will take place at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton at 7pm on Wednesday the 12th March.

Sunday February 10

TITNORE supporters who are available on Tuesday morning (February 12) are urged to turn up for a protest/photocall outside the re-opening of the South Downs National Park Public Inquiry. 9.30am outside the Chatsworth Hotel, The Steyne, Worthing. We want Titnore Woods included inside the park's boundaries.

Tuesday January 22

APOLOGIES for the long delay in updating this page. Fortunately no news is good news and the camp is still thriving, despite the recent storms. Latest indications on the new revised planning application is that it may be submitted in February.

Wednesday December 12

A SUPPORT stall for the camp is planned to be held in Montague Place, Worthing, this coming Saturday (December 15) from 11am - weather permitting!

Sunday December 2

A MESSAGE has been issued from Protect Our Woodland! about Camp Titnore:

"This will be the second Christmas that the woodland defenders have spent in the trees defending them and as last year we hope to put together a few things to make their festivities as jolly as possible. Please follow this link to see if you can help: spareathought

Sunday November 25

HEALTHY numbers of activists are currently in place at the camp, boding well for the winter ahead. Don't forget the protesters when you are out shopping for Christmas - warm clothes (especially socks), food etc are always very welcome.

Sunday November 18

AS YET, there is no sign that the new planning application for Titnore Woods has been submitted to the council. However, there are fears that the authorities could be trying to sneak it through without anyone noticing. The part of the council website allowing people to search the applications lists contains the ominous sounding let-out clause: "NOTE: For reasons of confidentiality, Worthing Borough Council may choose not to display certain Planning Applications." Please keep your eyes and ears open for any info.

Sunday November 11

THE FOLLOWING important update to the Titnore planning application situation was tucked away in this week's (November 8) Worthing Herald (on page 40!):

"The borough council revealed this week that a revised planning application for the massive scheme was expected to be received from the developers' consortium within a couple of weeks.

"James Appleton, the council's assistant director (planning services) said the first application was submitted three years ago. Since then, it had been necessary to prepare a new environmental-impact statement, including effects on traffic and woodland.

"He said West Sussex County Council did not now require the straightening of Titnore Lane, and this meant more than 150 trees would be saved.

"Mr Appleton said work could start towards the end of next year if the application could be approved reasonably quickly.

"Asked what would then happen to the anti-development tree protesters in Durrington woods, Mr Appleton said that would be up to whoever owned the land at that time."

Sunday November 4

VISITORS to the camp in the last couple of weeks will have noticed an impressive addition, in the shape of the new communal area. It's worth the trip down there to have a look, and of course give your support to all those on site, battling to protect our environment.

Sunday October 21

SUPPORTERS of Camp Titnore are being invited to a meeting in Worthing town centre on Thursday evening, October 25. A video screening will be followed by an update on the campaign and a discussion on how to boost efforts. It is being held upstairs at The Rest in Bath Place, Worthing (near Woolworth's) from 8pm.

Sunday October 7

FRESH vegetables and cheap socks are on the wish list from the camp this week. They could also do with some flexi flue pipe for burners, pasta, polyprop rope (as ever) and blankets. If anyone has a van and half a day to spare, their help would be appreciated (petrol costs can be paid). Meanwhile, anyone who needs some odd jobs doing - gardening or tree work, for example - might like to enquire at the camp. 07913 534083.

Sunday September 30

WITH THE nights getting colder again, work continues on a new communal area for the camp, aimed at sheltering the campers from worst of the weather and out of the mud - this is a wet area. An appeal has gone out for more polyprop climbing rope to help with these efforts. Contact the camp on 07913 534083 if you can help, or just call in at Titnore Woods.

Sunday September 16

A HIGHLY successful open day was held at the camp yesterday, with the sunshine making the woodlands the perfect scene for a pleasant day out. The only cloud on the horizon was the news that a fresh planning application is expected within the next few weeks, planning the permanent destruction of this idyllic rural site on the edge of our sprawling town...

Sunday September 9

SPIRITS are currently high at the camp, with an influx of new protesters, even though one of the stalwarts is currently struggling to get around with a leg in plaster. They are busy building a new communal area and also preparing for Saturday's open day. This will get going from around noon, until 5pm, and will feature various workshops (climbing, bender-building etc), as well as teas and coffees and, of course, the chance to chat with the campers and find out how they have managed to keep going for a year and four months! For those who fancy lingering longer, a musical jamming session and socialising is promised for the evening.

Sunday September 2

SUPPORTERS of the campaign to save Titnore Woods are being urged by Protect Our Woodland! to write in and demand that the area is covered in the planned South Downs National Park - an inspector has recommended that a much smaller area be protected than previously proposed. Info and sample letter Meanwhile, a reminder that an open day is being held at Camp Titnore for Saturday September 15, from 12 noon. "Magic hat" food (by donation) will be served. The day will be followed in the evening by a jamming session - bring musical instruments. Anyone who would like to take part in the day by organising an event (talk, performance etc) should contact the camp on 07913 534083.

Monday August 13

AN OPEN day has been announced at Camp Titnore for Saturday September 15, from 12 noon. "Magic hat" food (by donation) will be served. The day will be followed in the evening by a jamming session - bring musical instruments. Meanwhile, the forward-thinking campers are looking for supplies of pallets to use for walkways, for when the winter mud returns. Anyone who can help should call the camp on 07913 534083.

Sunday July 29

A CALL has gone out for supplies of concrete and tyres to help with the current work strengthening the camp's defences against future eviction attempts. Also needed urgently is someone with a vehicle capable of transporting heavy loads of this kind. Anyone who can help should call the camp on 07913 534083.

Friday July 20

IT HAS been announced that the BBC will be filming in Worthing tomorrow, Saturday July 21, in connection with Camp Titnore. Volunteers are wanted to come and make it a good crowd - at two venues. Meet 10.45am in Montague Place, Worthing, for the info stall and 1pm at the camp. Bring banners etc.

Sunday July 15

CAMP Titnore is mentioned in the latest, July 2007, issue of Brighton's independent local newsletter Rough Music

Sunday July 8

SUMMER is back on at the camp and with it the prospect of combining a natural lifestyle with a frontline battle against environmental destruction. More people are always needed to keep the camp going and make it even stronger - so maybe this is the time for YOU to join the battle!

Saturday June 23

Today (Saturday June 23) supporters of Camp Titnore are being asked to come and help tidy up the site and help with work restoring the living areas following recent damage. There's also the chance to chat with fellow campaigners. People will be arriving from 12 noon and staying until early evening - but shorter visits are also very welcome.

Tuesday June 12

COMPLAINTS have been made to the Co-Op supermarket in The Strand, Durrington, and a security firm after an unpleasant and unnecessary incident on Sunday night.

A couple of Titnore campers were out "skipping" - liberating from skips items of perfectly edible food thrown away by shops because they are past their official sell-by date.

It appears a security guard totally overreacted to what is only a technical offence (the food would otherwise go to waste and add to the landfill crisis!) and initially made various threats against the hungry campers.

The campers described how the security man then started grabbing food that had been picked up from outside other shops. When one of them threw a pizza to his friend for safekeeping, the guard grabbed the young woman in question by the throat and pushed her to the floor - "It was just unbelievable - I never saw anyone getting so stressed over a 12 inch pizza."

It is worth remembering that private security guards are not even legally allowed to touch people, let alone attack them. But maybe they think the usual laws against assault don't count when the victim seems to be someone who might not be able to strike back? In this case, the security Rottweiler may well find he has bitten off more than he can chew...

* People attending the June 23 workday/clean-up are also invited to bring building materials, polyprop rope, banner making stuff etc (see below).

Tuesday June 5

THE LATEST wish-list from the camp includes: leisure battery (or car battery), water pump, traditional tarp, windbreakers, hammocks, polyprop rope (6mm and 10/12 mm), wood, acrylic paint, banner-making stuff. Don't forget the work day on June 23!

Sunday June 3

A CLEAR-UP and repair day at Camp Titnore has been announced for Saturday June 23. The idea is that volunteers from outside the camp come along for a few hours and help make the camp in tip-top condition as it begins its second summer of protest occupation. Bring carrier bags to take away rubbish (bin bags get too heavy to carry over the fields!) plus tools, skills (if you have any - but this is not essential!). From 12 noon.

Monday May 28

THE MILESTONE of the first year has been sucessfully reached. Congratulations to Camp Titnore!

Sunday May 20

ONLY a week to go to the first anniversary of the camp. A reminder that a special birthday ceremony will be held in Montague Place, Worthing town centre, at 2pm next Saturday, May 26. All supporters are invited - bring your own party stuff!

Monday May 7

A BICYCLE repair man is being sought by the Titnore campers. There are a couple of useful pedal-powered means of transport on the site, but they need fixing. If anyone has the skill, the kit, the time and the inclination, it would be great if they could pop down and help sort them out.

Monday April 30

An update on the Protect Our Woodland site.

Sunday April 29

A DATE has now been fixed for the town centre celebration of Camp Titnore's first birthday. It is on Saturday May 26, 2pm at Montague Place. Bring balloons, cake, cards, party hats - whatever you think is appropriate to mark this very special occasion.

Meanwhile, an informal Beltane celebration, with music, will be held at the camp on Tuesday night, May 1, during the evening.

A new phone number has been announced for the camp - 0791 3534083. The old number no longer works so please change your records accordingly.

And the camp is appealing for donations of polypropylene rope. Any size is useful but 8mm is most in need, to replace walkways that have been up a long time.

Thursday April 19

WE HAVE learnt that a Titnore Woods benefit gig is to be held over in East Sussex on Friday May 18. It will feature radical singer/songwriter Robb Johnson, Nathan Godfrey, The Astral Gypsies, DJ Recycled plus SchNEWS film and raffle. Venue is The Rooms, Western Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. 7-11pm. Free entry. Anyone fancy arranging a benefit here in Worthing?

Sunday April 8 - sad death at Camp Titnore

THIS afternoon a young man passed away at the Titnore Woods campsite. It seems that he arrived at the eastern half of the site overnight - he was first spotted asleep on a sofa at around 10am. At around 2.30pm he was still alive and breathing. But at around 4pm campers noticed his faced has changed colour. They tried to rescuscitate him and called an ambulance, but to no avail. Police came to the site to deal with the death, which is not being treated as suspicious. Emergency services had left by 7pm. The deceased man's identity has not yet been released. Although nobody at the camp recognised him or had the chance to speak to him, they are understandably shocked by his death in their midst.

Anyone planning a morale-boosting visit to the site is reminded there are two sections in use - the eastern (Tesco side) and western (Titnore Lane) parts.

Tuesday April 3

THE latest edition of The Ecologist features a very positive letter drawing people's attention to the battle to save Titnore Woods and the camp. The letter is not on the website (, but it does have details of how to order a copy.

Monday March 19

MAY 28 will see the first anniversary of Camp Titnore and, with the winter behind us - despite the occasional blast of hailstones - minds are now turning to how to mark "T-Day", as it is being called. If you have any suggestions, you can email us here and we will add them to the proposals.

Meanwhile, the campers are looking to become more self-sufficient on site and would welcome any gifts of growbags for them to cultivate their own vegetables.

Sunday March 11

SPRING is in the air, the birds are singing in the trees and Titnore Woods is once again a lovely place to be...

With the end of a tough winter, the protest camp has today appealed for help in a spring offensive aimed at making sure it is in fighting fit shape as its first anniversary and another rebel summer approach.

Top of the wishlist at the moment are pallets, long support beams for treehouses, climbing equipment (not harnesses) and climbing rope. Also someone with a van or similar vehicle who would be able to help clear away rubbish from the site.

Most of all, of course, there is a plea for more people! Whether you can spare five minutes, five hours, five days, five weeks or five months, your physical presence in any supportive capacity is always appreciated. See the bottom of this page for directions and the camp mobile number.

Saturday March 10

A FUNDRAISING vegan roast meal for Camp Titnore is being held in Brighton tomorrow, Sunday March 11, we have just heard. It will be at the Cowley Club at 12 London Road, 5pm to 8pm. Meals at this alternative volunteer-run centre are always very reasonably priced.

Saturday March 3

WITH spring on the way, attempts are being made to clear up rubbish on the camp ready for the expected growth in numbers with the better weather. Visitors are being asked to bring bin bags or carrier bags with them, so they can take away a small amount of rubbish when they leave.

Saturday February 17

Report on march

CAMPAIGNERS marched on Worthing Police Station in West Sussex today (Saturday February 17) to protest at intimidation of volunteers manning support stalls for the Titnore Woods camp.

Just over 60 people set off from Montague Place and marched around the town centre via South Street, the pier, Steyne Gardens, Warwick Street and Chapel Road, before rallying outside the police station in Chatsworth Road.

A letter to the police complaining about the threats to arrest people collecting money for the campaign was read out and then handed in at the front office counter.

Some protesters then returned to Montague Place and collected cash from the public for camp funds, in defiance of the police prohibition. A good sum was collected.

Said a spokesman for the campaigners: "The day passed off peacefully and with many expressions of support from the Worthing public. We are making a point that we have a democratic right to hold activities supporting Camp Titnore and we will not bow down to these scare tactics, which seem to be political in origin.

"Whether the authorities like it or not, we are not going away and, both at the camp and in the town, we will continue to battle to save Titnore Woods.

"Our thanks go to each and every individual who turned up today to join the protest - it is your strength and determination that makes this struggle so powerful."

Sunday February 11

Press Release issued today

WORTHING people are being urged to march on the town centre police station on Saturday (February 17) to defend free speech.

The protest has been called by campaign group TEA (Titnore Emergency Action) in response to intimidation of supporters of the Titnore Woods protest camp in Durrington.

Since May last year, a group of environmental activists has been camped out in the ancient woodland off Titnore Lane trying to protect the area from an 875-home housing development, new Tesco store and access roads.

And for much of that time town supporters have been receiving crucial donations for the camp from the Worthing public at regular stalls in Montague Place.

While these caused no problems for anyone for more than six months, in the run-up to Christmas police suddenly started threatening the volunteers with arrest for “unauthorised” collecting.

A statement from TEA declared: “This is nothing short of political harassment of Titnore supporters and flies in the face of local democracy, particularly the fact that the campaign has won the support of thousands of local people, who visit the stall to make their contribution to the tree house heroes.

"In protest at this draconian and unnecessary action, which has stopped vital fund-raising at a vital time, we call for a march on Worthing Police Station on Saturday February 17, heading off at 2pm from Holders Corner, Montague Place [near MacDonald's], Worthing.

"This will also be an opportunity to express ongoing support for the camp and the fight to Save Titnore Woods.

"We hope as many of you as possible will be there to lend your support for the efforts of our our friends on the stall and in the woods.”

A few days later, on Thursday February 22, campaigners will be showing video footage of the Titnore Woods campaign at a meeting upstairs at The Rest in Bath Place, Worthing, from 8pm.

Said Dave Phillips of Worthing eco-action: “We have got hold of a copy of the latest DVD from SchNEWS, a Brighton protest group, called V for Video Activist. There are a couple of sections there devoted to the Titnore Woods battle, which is great, because this will be seen by people all over the country and indeed across the world.

“There is footage of the camp itself, and interviews with tree protesters and members of the Worthing public, and also a clip from 2004 of one of the town centre protests. This is a useful reminder that the Titnore campaign was going on for years before the camp was set up as a last-ditch attempt to stop this disastrous development.

“People in Worthing have always been behind us in huge numbers on this issue and that is why it is totally wrong that the police should try and stop them contributing to a camp which is fighting to save the local environment fo the sake of all of us in Worthing, and for generations yet to come.”

More information can be found online at, or

Sunday February 4

TWO video screenings relating to Camp Titnore are lined up in Worthing in February. At the Worthing Green Social meeting on Wednesday February 14 there will be a screening of the excellent short video on the protest camp made by some students from Surrey, which was shown with very little advance publicity at the last Worthing Alliance meeting.

Then at the February Worthing Alliance meeting, Thursday 22, there will be a special screening of V for Video Activist, the brand new SCHNews DVD, which includes two reports on the Titnore camp and campaign, as well as other protests from around the country. Both videos are well worth seeing and both meetings start at 8pm upstairs at The Rest in Bath Place, Worthing (off Montague Street not far from the pier).

Sunday January 21

A PROTEST march on Worthing Police Station has been called for Saturday February 17 in the face of police intimidation of Titnore Woods campaigners. A statement from Titnore Emergency Action (TEA), released on Thursday January 18, said:

"In the run-up to Christmas, supporters of the Titnore Woods campaign were trying to bring in food and cash donations to the camp, for obvious reasons.

"However as you may have heard, on no less than two occasions Worthing Police officers attended the stall and threatened with arrest our friends making the collections.

"This is nothing short of political harassment of Titnore supporters and flies in the face of local democracy, particularly the fact that the campaign has won the support of thousands of local people, who visit the stall to make their contribution to the tree house heroes.

"In protest at this draconian and unnecessary action, which has stopped vital fund-raising at a vital time, we call for a MARCH ON WORTHING POLICE STATION on Saturday February 17, heading off at 2pm from Holders Corner, Montague Place [near MacDonald's], Worthing.

"This will also be an opportunity to express ongoing support for the camp and the fight to Save Titnore Woods.

"We hope as many of you as possible will be there to lend your support for the efforts of our our friends on the stall and in the woods.

Titnore Emergency Action (TEA)"

Meanwhile, we have received some information suggesting that an attempted eviction of the Titnore camp might be very imminent. The source also suggested that Territorial Army personnel would be involved. While we do not want to "cry wolf" by sounding the alarm bells too often, we thought people should be aware of this. If anyone has any other information either supporting or contradicting this rumour, please get in touch with us, Protect Our Woodland or the camp. Or come to Thursday night's Worthing Alliance meeting (January 25). If there are plans to evict soon, there may be a connection with the recent heavy-handed treatment of Titnore supporters, mentioned above.

Sunday January 14

AS CAMP Titnore begins a new year, we have begun a new page of updates. All the previous stuff can still be found in the 2006 Archive. Here is a summary of the situation so far.

Property developers want to build 875 homes on land at West Durrington, Worthing, which includes ancient woodland and is on the fringes of the proposed South Downs National Park. Massive opposition to the plans by local people has been cynically ignored by Worthing Borough Council, despite years of protests, letter-writing and meetings.

Although it claims its hands are tied by central government planning edicts, the council has not resisted the development in any way - it could, for instance, have requested that it be called in for a public inquiry because of the huge controversy it has created.

The assault on local democracy has been intensfied by the frequent involvement, over the years, of Sussex Police, which seems to have set out to criminalise and marginalise anti-development campaigners by heavy over-policing of protests, unnecessary arrests, harassment of protesters etc.

Eventually the development was given outline planning permission, subject to details being agreed. Anger over the way the development had been bulldozed through reached the point that people decided to occupy part of Titnore Woods in protest. A camp was set up on May 28 2006.

In August the landowners, the Somersets, secured a High Court possession order claiming they needed to evict the camp urgently to start building work.

However, final planning permission had not yet been rubber-stamped and, after intervention by the Worthing Society, the council was forced to look again at the proposed changes and speed limits in Titnore Lane, from where the new estate would be accessed.

All has gone quiet on this front for some time, with the suggestion that the plans are being reworked by the developers. It is not clear whether they will have to start again with the planning process or whether any new version will be treated as a mere amendment.

In the meantime, eviction has not been attempted at the camp and the eco-stalwarts are still there. Fresh supporters arrive from time to time to give new impetus and the camp has expanded well beyond the original area.

The challenge for 2007 will be to keep morale and numbers high, plus keeping the public in Worthing and beyond aware and informed of the battle that is taking place.

Among items on the wishlist for the camp are sealable metal containers to keep foood supplies safe from marauding mice!


Donations for Camp Titnore can be made in central Worthing, thanks to Down to Earth organic and natural healthfood shop. The shop is at 175 Montague Street (towards Rowlands Road, nearly opposite the Co-op) and is open from 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Eviction protests

IF EVICTION begins, supporters are being asked to go as soon as possible to the camp, congregating in Fulbeck Avenue, Durrington, if access is barred. Then on the first Saturday after any eviction there will be a protest against eviction and against development. Fulbeck Avenue, Durrington. 12 noon.


The camp is in woods just north of "Somerset Lake", a fishing lake east of Titnore Lane. However, Titnore Lane is very dangerous for pedestrians and easiest access is from Fulbeck Avenue, off Titnore Way. Take the path at the far east of Fulbeck Avenue, then turn left until there is a large gap in the hedgerow on the left, opposite a cleared square of ground on the right, and cross right over to the far side of the field, keeping the clump of trees to your left.

It can also be reached via the car park at Tesco's in Durrington, served by the "Pulse" bus route from Worthing town centre. Basically head straight on from the entrance to the fields at the back end of the supermarket car park, reaching the gap in the hedgerow mentioned above.

Nearest railway stations are Durrington and Goring by Sea on the main South Coast line with direct trains from Brighton, Portsmouth and London.

There is a camp phone [NOW 07913 534083 - OLD NUMBER DELETED APRIL 2007]

Keep up to date with Protect Our Woodland! and Southcoast Indymedia


e-mail with your comments, ideas, and news of scandalous local goings-on!

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