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Porkie Pie's late pint guide

THERE'S no point in pubs opening late in Worthing if people like us don't know about it, we reckon. So The Porkbolter is trying to pull together a guide of pubs that stay open past 11pm under the new laws. Send your own info to

Late nights only are listed. * means the exact timing depends on how busy the pub is.

The Broadwater, Broadwater St West: Fri-Sat 12.00

Elms, Broadwater St East: Fri-Sat 1am

George and Dragon, Tarring High Street: Fri-Sat 12.00.

Half Brick, Brighton Road: Fri-Sat 12.00

John Seldon, Salvington Road: Fri 11.30, Sat 12.00*

Montague Arms, Montague St: Mon-Thu 12.00*, Fri-Sat 1am

North Star, Littlehampton Rd: Thu-Sat 12.00

The Rest, Bath Place: Mon-Th 11.30, Fri-Sat 12.30

Royal Oak, Brighton Rd: 12* (not Sun)

Swan, High St: Fri-Sat 12.00

Thomas a Becket, Rectory Road: Fri-Sat 11.30

Vine, Tarring High Street: Fri-Sat 12.00

Warwick Arms, Warwick St: Th 12.00, Fri-Sat 2am

Wheatsheaf, Richmond Rd, Fri-Sat 2am* (in by 11)

Ye Olde House at Home, Broadwater St East: Fri-Sat 12.00.

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