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On Saturday August 9 a celebration walk will be held on the route of the now-rejected Arundel bypass. This will also serve to urge the area's re-inclusion in the National Park proposed area and declare our intention to fight any future resurrection of the scheme as a result of pressure from road lobby interests. Meet outside Ford railway station at 1.15pm (direct trains from Worthing, Brighton, London and elsewhere). May well end up in a pub!


(UPDATE JULY 9 2003)

A famous victory has today been won by the campaign to halt the second Arundel bypass. At the last minute, and against all expectations, the Government dropped its support for the environmentally destructive scheme, as well as for the equally disastrous proposed Worthing bypass across the South Downs behind Cissbury Ring.

Arundel and South Downs MP Howard Flight was certainly caught by surprise, having sent out a statement to local press earlier in the week welcoming 'the Government announcement to proceed with a bypass for Arundel'.

The last week has seen a flurry of media interest in the Arundel protest camp at Tortington Common, with reports everywhere from BBC TV and Meridian to the Evening Argus, The Times and The Guardian.

A hint as to the reasons why the Government backed down in West Sussex, while ploughing ahead with road plans elsewhere in the country, came in a report on the Evening Standard website this morning (Wednesday).

Written before the announcement, and seemingly expecting the Arundel road to be given the green light, it added: "The Government will be desperate to avoid clashes with committed activists such as 'Swampy' - so-called 'king of the eco-warriors'. It is still nervous of provoking the kind of confrontations that created ugly scenes at Twyford Down and the Newbury bypass in the late nineties."

We've said it before and we'll say it again: direct action works!


Anti-road camp set up in West Sussex

(UPDATE JUNE 2003) Please forward this info to loads of people and post up on as many sites as possible. And come and visit the camp. All are welcome, even for just a short friendly pop-in!

new arundel bypass protest site

arundel bypass email

South Coast Against Roadbuilding

SUPPORT is needed NOW for a new anti-road protest camp that has been set up in beautiful woodland in West Sussex. It is on Tortington Common, on the route of the proposed new A27 Arundel bypass. Part of the planned South Coast motorway, being built by stealth and in segments, this road would be an unmitigated ecological disaster. Bypassing the existing bypass, it would cross the important River Arun wetlands south of Arundel on concrete stilts or a huge embankment, and then plough through a mile of precious Sussex woodland. Thousands, probably tens of thousands, of trees would be lost, including some fine 100 foot oak trees, yews, and one particular 100 foot beech tree, thought to be the oldest tree in the woods. The proposed road is the preferred route and the last possibity for the road lobby's long desired Arundel bypass-bypass. If this goes ahead, it will not be long before Cissbury Ring and the South Downs north of Worthing will be threatened by the next stage. But we can stop it now, before the final go-ahead is given. An effective camp can add £10 million to the cost of a road building scheme - which could be enough to tilt the balance.

If you can join the camp this summer, get down there as soon as possible - everyone is welcome for as long as they want to stay. If you can't stay there, then you can help out in other ways, either by contributing a few hours of labour or bringing supplies (see wish list below). These can either be taken direct to the camp or brought to the next meeting of Worthing Eco-Action, at 7.45pm on Tuesday July 1 upstairs at The Downview, opposite West Worthing railway station in Worthing. The camp is to the west of Arundel, about 15 minutes walk north of Ford railway station on the main South Coast railway line, with direct trains from Worthing, Brighton and Portsmouth.

For further directions contact 07736 964653 or 07792248192 - text messages are more likely to get through. Or failing that email

Wish List



10mm polyprop (blue rope)

food (especially tins)


planks and beams

lots of cement

climbing tat


water containers


dog food

batteries (AA and C)

boots - sizes 9,10,11

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