Spell Breaker - breaking civilisation's spell

"All hypnosis is basically self-hypnosis. It is the subjects' belief and conviction that the hypnotist posseses the mysterious power to hypnotise people which in great measure invests him with this power.

If the subject doubted the hypnotists ability it is very unlikely he would be hypnotised."

- The Theory and Practice of Hypnotism - William J. Ousby.

spell cast by civilisation

We have been hypnotised by civilisation's myths.

We have confidence in its power.

We believe its lies.

It's time to break the spell, to begin to awaken from our slumber.

Spell Breaker

Slowly now, I'll count backwards from ten and by then you will have opened your eyes and be fully awake.

Fully conscious.

So here we go, just relax and count backwards with me...


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