Grey Desert

Living without the forest, without wildness, has a deep impact on us.

Do you do a job you hate and at the weekend take lots of drugs and drink ? Do you watch television for hours and hours or go shopping for things you don't need in huge shopping centres?

Does it make you happy?

Do you keep doing it anyway because you are told by the adverts, by the television, by your whole materialistic culture, that it will make you happy? And even if it never makes you happy at least you're fitting in, being normal, right?

Are you afraid to think about things too much because deep down you know it's all a load of rubbish, that there's no substance, no soul to life here?

In this grey desert.


It doesn't have to be like that, no-one is forcing you to live that way. Don't be afraid to think for yourself, to break away from the herd. It's not your destiny to be miserable unless you choose that path.