Civilising Children

A lot of our problems start when we're real young. As little babies we are not held and carried around on our mother's backs or hung in trees like other children. Instead we are put into cots, separate beds, buggies and car seats. So as babies we miss out on the vital touch of another humans skin, we miss out on the warm snuggly feeling babies need. All our lives we seek this comfort, but rarely find it. We are born in hospitals, with cold machines taking the place of warm humans and very few of us feed from our mothers breast. Always then we are missing our mothers breast, always we feel incomplete and lonely. The effects of the way we are born stay with us all our lives.


See how a machine takes the place of warm skin,

A plastic bottle the place of a mothers loving breast,

A cold stare the place of a tender smile,

A stink of disinfectant the place of living bodies,

A mechanical whirr the place of mammys' heartbeat.

Children here are treated with no respect, they can't go anywhere without an adult with them. Most places have so many roads and cars that you cannot let them out to play or else they will be killed by a car. Our kids are imprisoned in houses in front of the television. They are fat and unhealthy because of the lack of physical exercise and poor diet. Sometimes they get to go round other childrens houses, but it is all organised and supervised by adults. Children here have no freedom, are not trusted to act responsibly for themselves. Having never had the chance to explore the world for themselves, they are ill-equipped for adult life. They are given the message loud and clear that they are helpless, unable to fend for themselves at any level.

How can people who are given this message ever start thinking and acting for themselves?

School - The Murder Machine

We send our kids to school to learn to shut up, sit down and take orders. Learn how to be the same as everyone else and bully those who are different. To draw straight lines on paper for weeks on end. To be intimidated, coerced, forced to sit in a completely unnatural and physically damaging position.

Please sir, can I go to the toilet?

But this of course is the whole point of school. It's supposed to break a childs spirit. It's part of the process that begins when a woman allows her pregnancy to be medicalised and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, it continues with the horrors of a hospital birth and abandonment in a creche after a few months. It's all part of the civilising process. Only civilised peoples herd their kids into a box to "educate" their children. Wild peoples kids are fostered by their whole community. They learn useful things as they need to, they play, they laugh, they sing and chatter...they are not "taught" anything, they learn themselves from example. All other animals imitate their peers. A baby bird learns to fly by watching from birth how other birds fly.

"A soulless thing cannot teach; but it can destroy. A machine cannot make men; but it can break men..."
- The Murder Machine, Padraic Pearse