Missionaries in Europe

Once we started farming, building cities, constructing hierarchies, we got sicker and sicker.

The church killed millions of men and women who fought to keep their way of life. Witch hunts that lasted hundreds of years in Europe. Millions were burned at the stake or drowned. They were tortured and maimed - systematically destroyed by religious men who wanted everyone in Europe to be civilised.








Dividing our souls from our bodies and our hearts from the land.

Making us believe in good and evil and heaven and hell.

Wrenching us from our true wild natures.

Eclipsing feminine power and ways of seeing with cold reason and measured science.

Unhinged it came,


By the end of these witch hunts there would be very few animists left in Europe. Our native ways were almost obliterated. Our forest home destroyed, our ancient knowledge forgotton.

The religious men invaded other lands, wiping out their ways too. Missionaries with a bible in one hand, a gun in the other, spreading their sick ideas, their civilisation disease.

These missionaries need to use guns and deception to force native peoples to convert because native peoples everywhere resist the destruction of their forest home and forest ways. They know there is no god in heaven or hell below. That the life force is everywhere, all around us and inside us. That there is no good and evil, just different ways of doing things, different ways of looking at things.