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Picture: Bougainvillians standing on a bulldoser against the sunset sky.

Photo by Alex Smailes

Statement from Solidarity South Pacific

Solidarity South Pacific was formed in 2002, out of the British radical ecological movement, with the aim of supporting tribal and ecological struggles in the Pacific Rim. From then until 2006 we were involved on an on-going basis both in support work in the UK, and in on-the-ground work in the region.

We are currently not involved in any on-going activity of this kind. We do however remain ready to provide assistance if requested by contacts in the region (most recently demonstrations and fund raising for anarchist prisoners). We are also always interested to hear of any similar projects seeking solidarity.

If you need to contact us please do so at ssp@eco-action.org. Please do not expect a swift reply as this account is only checked from time to time.

In active solidarity with indigenous and radical ecological struggles in the Pacific.