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Everything from brewing your own beer and making Korean food to vegan parenting and the history of food.
Another Dinner is Possible Cover
258 pages of delicious vegan recipes, articles and guides for only £10.
More Than Just a Vegan Cookbook - Recipes & Foof for Thought

ANOTHER DINNER IS POSSIBLE is a unique two in one cook book and guidebook featuring over 250 recipes for food that's simple but full of flavour, and cheap but tasty!... Plus articles and guides to reconnecting with the food we eat, how food affects us on all levels of our lives, and some things we can do to develop a better relationship to it.

All recipes are written for 2 to 6 people but there is information about cooking on a large scale and recipes that are suitable for this are indicated throughout. The book is printed on high quality glossy recycled paper and is wire bound so stays flat on your work top whilst cooking. Illustrated throughout.

Book contents

Written by Mike and Isy who have been cooking with the Anarchist Teapot for many years, creating tasty meals on a budget and on a large scale.

Please view these images of some sample pages:

Available for only £10 from Active Distribution. Brought to you by the Anarchist Teapot and Active Distribution. Enquiries please contact anarchisttpot(at)

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