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Squat Cafes

The Anarchist Teapot was also the name of a string of squatted cafés in Brighton from 1996. At some point around 1998/99, the collective focussed on other projects, including setting up the mobile kitchen, instead.

63 Room Teapot Squat!

There were eight different Teapot squats in all, serving free tea, serving as our collective front room, and offering lots of literature including a library. The squats ranged from dinky little shops we could just about fit a couple of tables and leaflets in to, to an old post office in the South Lanes with no electricity and lots of foreign language students and a ridiculously large glass ceiling hall out the back, to a squat opposite the Royal Pavilion with 63 or so rooms (some inhabited by pigeons).

Arguably the nicest squats were the last two – the Halifax next to McDonalds, that saw much use of a pantomime cow outfit, and the old Donut King, with counter, tables and Donut King advertising – both on the London Road, where The Cowley Club is now located (legally bought co-operative libertarian social centre).

Here are some pictures and cartoons from the squat cafe days:

Squat next to MacDonalds
Inside Some of the Squat Cafes
The Sixth Anarchist Teapot Squat (cartoon)
The Eighth Anarchist Teapot Squat (cartoon)
How We Became a Mobile Kitchen (cartoon)



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