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This page is gradually coming together and will soon be a huge list of contact details for infoshops around the world. please email infoshops@eco-action.org if you know of contacts we should add, or updated information for those already listed. Thanks

Some links will take you to a news page, some straight to a website. If you get to a news page on this site, and the title is in blue - it's a link to the group's own website!


Barricade Books / Infoshop
115 Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne (#19 tram or short walk from Jewel train station)
open: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm
phone: (03) 9387-6646
email: infoshop@bedlam.anarki.net

TASTE - Tenants Against State Terroism Everywhere
They have it till the end of Dec or Jan (2001/02) then its meant to be developed into some stupid sport center (after lying empty for years).
435 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000

Grasslands Grocery and Infoshop
Sells organic veggies, and supports community projects like garden and refugee stuff.
205 Nicholson St, Footscray, Victoria 3011

Anarres can be hard to categorise as we don't have public premises, but concentrate on stalls and mailorder, promoted through our website and a yearly printed mailorder catalog. So, we think of ourselves as an infoshop, but our structure is quite different from all the groups which have shopfronts. Not having huge overheads means we can concentrate more resources on what we stock and providing a service to those people who can't often get to a physical infoshop.

PO Box 150, East Brunswick 3057, Australia
email: info@anarres.org.au
or: takver@onaustralia.com.au
web: http://www.anarres.org.au

Ratbag Mobile Infoshop
PO BOX 126, Cygnet, 7112, Tasmania


Revolution Now Collective

We do a press that had put out phamphlets on sex work theory, feminism, squatting, security culture, unemployed workers unions, (we've even put out an anarchist coloring book for kids), a handbook for protests (big ones, FTAA, G8, IMFWB, ETC.) and we're working on a first aid manual and a herbal how to (grow, harvest, prepare medicine, save seeds, etc.). For now we distro phamplets, but we hope to move into seeds in the fall (or maybe next spring/fall). We distro most of the old ICC stuff, lots of black and green press stuff, a wide variety of prison/ABC stuff, tonnes of class war type stuff, a huge assortment of womens stuff, a few devoted to antipatriarchy for him, a solid cointellpro/security section, and a bunch of stuff about cuba.

The collective also works with another collective, the New Breed Collective, to put on monthly benefit gigs for the local interval and tamaras houses (a shelter for women experiencing domestic violence, and a shelter for *primarily* adult survivors of child sexual abuse, both providing childcare and free counciling). Our shows are very political, obviously.

We have also set up workshops, speeches, marches, etc. in the past and hope to in the future.

808 14th Street Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7N 0P8.


Youth Culture Movement of Split
Contact: Ozren Culic, Vukovarska 139, 21000 Split, Croatia
email: Ozren.Culic@fesb.hr

Zagreb Anarchist Movement
ZAP/ARK, Gajeva 55, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
email: zap_zg@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.org
Has a running infoshop in autonomous culture factory called:
Kralja Drzislava 12, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
open: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
email: attack_zg@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.org

Czech Republic

Squat Milada
Zeme Predevsim!, PO Box 237, 160 41 Praha 6, Czech Republic
email: zemepredevsim@ecn.cz

Wenzigova 21, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
email: utopia@email.cz
or: citarna.brundlbar@seznam.cz


Maloka Anarcho Collective
The anarchists centre hosts a weekly vegan restaurant, various meetings, lectures and discussions, as well as an infoshop. The infoshop is opened on saturdays, from 3pm to 6pm. There's also a mailorder catalogue available on request at maloka.distro@free.fr. You can also send stamps to "Maloka, BP 536, 21014 Dijon Cedex, France" to get a nice paper version.

61 Rue Jeannin, 21000 DIJON (Don't send anything to this address!)
Postal address: Maloka, BP 536, 21014 DIJON CEDEX
phone: +33(0)3-80668149
email: maloka@chez.com

La Marmite
New centre squatted after a Reclaim the Streets party is facing eviction. Daily hot organic meals at £1 a go as well as round-table discussions, video showings, street theatre workshops, painting, actions, an alternative library and musical activities with everything from acoustic and salsa to punk and techno.

Call to Number 7, rue de l'Hotel Dieu, Rennes, Britanny

Le Bokal
Run an infoshop, a zine (called Loop) and a distro and are looking for english punx/diy activists for exchange of info, visits, etc.

3 Rue Lazare Carnot, 01000 Bourg en Bresse, France


Squat Gardens in Berlin
I heard that in London people are squatting places to start neighbourhood gardens on them. here in Berlin we are planning similar actions and would like to contact the people in London. Do you have any clue?
thanks in advance,

email: Markus.Fugmann@gmx.net


Mauri Gata (Black Cat) Anarchist Squat
d. Poliotkitou 33 old town, Thessaloniki, Greece

Self-Managed Social Center 'Nautilus'
Patriarhou Ioakim 13, Thesaloniki, Greece
phone/fax: (+3031) 257364
email: nautilus@otenet.gr
PO. Box 50067, 54013 Thessaloniki, Greece
Open every day from 18.00


Milan - Leoncavello Social Centre
Italy has three or four hundred autonomous social centres and the Leoncavello social centre in Milan is the oldest and biggest, kicking off the whole movement in 1974 after two people were killed by fascists. It has been forced to change location several times have been in their latest location since 1994.
It includes a massive concert hall, skateboard ramp, cinema, courtyard, several bars including an outdoor one with barbie, café, kids space, table-football, art exhibitions and masses of workshop space.


Anarchist Collective EuroDusnie
They have three squatted buildings in Leiden, produce a free monthly newspaper, run an info-shop, food co-op and café, put on cultural evenings, make regular visit schools and help run a pirate radio station.
They are also involved in fighting local unwanted commercial developments.

visiting address: Boerhaavelaan 345, Leiden
open: most weekdays between 2-5pm
phone/fax: 071 5173019
snailmail to: P.O.box 2228, 2301CE Leiden, Netherlands
phone/fax: (+31)(0)71 5173019
email: eurodusnie@dsl.nl

Infoshop Assata
Begijnenstraat 34, 6511 WP Nijmegen
phone: +31-24-3238162   fax: +31-24-3231708
email: assata@antenna.nl


Alarmo They still need more books, zines, videos, etc - so send stuff if you can.
opens at 9 am..
address:113 jasmin Street, Zaballero Subdivision, Lucena City, Philippines 4301.


Free Dom

The activites in the house began in the spring of 2001 with a new alternative library, space for the anarchist black cross, and cinema and concert rooms. There is now a info cafe, dark room, serography space, art gallery exibitions and every Sunday there is Food not Bombs.

The idea and function of the Cultural center is to be the place where people can come, and without money realise non profit projects, ideas, or just have a place to meet. ("Dom" in Polish means "house".)

ul.Jagiellonczyka 10 d, 50-240 Wroclaw, Poland


Coma - Colectivo ontologico-musical "os amigos"
libertarian colective from portugal
aptd. 96 - 2775 Carcavelos - Portugal
email: coma161@yahoo.com


Elf's Reading Room
Visiting address: Metelkova 4, building Pesaki in the Metelkova social and cultural centre
Mailing Address: KUD Anarhiv, Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana
phone/fax: ++386-(0)61-432-33-78
open: Wed-Thu, 17:00-21:00
email: anarhiv@mail.ljudmila.org


@ info shop Barcelona
Perill 52 Metro L4 Verdaguer
PO BOX 97104 08080, Barcelona, Spain
open: tuesday to friday 6-9pm

Centro Social Libertario
Coso, 186 (bajos), ZARAGOSA
Mail address: Ateneo Libertario, Apartado 3141, E-50080 ZARAGOZA, Spain
phone: +34-976383673 fax: +34-976255298
email: csl@tao.ca


Bookshop INFO and Kafé 44
Greetings, if you are in Stockholm you are very welcome to visit.

Tjärhovsgatan 44, 116 28 Stockholm, Sverige
Metro: Medborgarplatsen
open: everyday except Saturdays 12-2pm
tel: (46) - 08 - 644 53 12
email: bokhandeln.info@motkraft.net
web: www.kafe44.com

Bokhandeln INFO
Tjärhovsgatan 44, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden
phone: (46)-08-644 53 12
web: http://www.motkraft.net/info/
email: bokhandeln.info@motkraft.net


Infoladen Sowieso
Lindenberg 23, 4058 Basel
phone/fax: 061 681 1500
email: sowieso@eye.ch

United Kingdom

Aspire - Squat Autonomus Zone
At various times and locations around Leeds. Vegan cafe, radical film showings, art space, talks, meeting space, music, bands, large parties, etc.

See website: http://www.a-spire.org.uk for details of the next event.
email: info@a-spire.org.uk

Kebele Kulture Projekt
The KKP Housing Co-op and Anarchist Social Centre has a vegan cafe twice a week: Thurs and Sun 6pm onwards, a bike workshop on Weds 12-5pm and has a library of mind broadening books and internet services.

14, Robertson Road, Lower Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JY
0117 93994469
email: info@kebele.org
web: www.kebele.org

OKasional Cafe
The Okay cafe is now open and busy, and should be around for a while. (link added 2/5/01) If you have any literature you would like put out on display (fliers, newsletters etc.) to a wider public then you can send it direct.

61 Charles Street, Central Manchester.
email: OKasional-cafe@nematode.freeserve.co.uk

Eclectic City II
Tyneside Squatters are at it again! This time in a brilliant social club in Newcastle city centre which is due to be turned into a lap-dancing bar. Women have opened up the squat today, at the same time as a hearing a magistrates in Newcastle regarding a licence for the proposed sexist bar. The results of the hearing aren't known yet, but the club will inevitably be delayed by the squatting.
So, WE have a wonderful social centre for the immediate future. So please come along to express your support for the squat and protest at the plans for another way of comodifying women's bodies. It's a really great building, so there is various events planned, but come along anyway during the day - something will be going on.

The former Manors Social Club, Carliol Square, Newcastle NE1 6UQ.
(It's behind the job centre in central Newcastle, and near the police station.)
Tel: 07833 646228

The Old Bath House Caf
Squat cafe with vegan food and DIY washing up.
open: Sun 8pm

The Boys Club in Dalston, Hackney, one block behind the Rio cinema on Kingsland Road

Also, check out http://Hackneybohemia.com for news of squats and co-operatives in Hackney London.

Atherden Autonomous Community Centre
Atherden Community Center offers mother and toddler mornings, arts and craft space, a cafe, office space for campaign groups, samba and DJ rehearsals, a cyber-café made from recycled computers, gallery space, library and a wide selection of free weekly workshops offers tuition in anything from shiatsu to ceramics.
It provides a huge space and opportunity for local people to get involved.

15 Atherden Rd, (off Lower Clapton Rd), Hackney, London E5 OQP
Tel: 020 85250247
email: atherden@gmx.net

1 in 12 Club
21-23 Albion Street, Bradford BD1 2LI
phone: (44) 01274-734160

56A Infoshop
Bookshop with squat info, records, zines and radical archive. Shares space with food co-op and bicycle repair workshop.
open: Thurs 2-8pm + Fri 3-7pm

56 Crampton Street, Kennington, SE17 (near Elephant & Castle)
email: 56a@safetycat.org

Anarchist Teapot
Box B, Public House Bookshop, 21 Little Preston Street, Brighton, East Sussex
No premises at the moment, but on the lookout for something suitable!
email: support@eco-action.org (PGP key)

Citizen Smith Free Cafe
161 College Road, Kensal Green, NW10
email: citizensmith_london@yahoo.com

Haringey Solidarity Group
P.O.Box 2474, London N8.
phone/fax: 0181-374-5027
email: hsg@clara.net

Kate Sharpley Library
Devoted to researching anarchist history. Publishes a quarterly bulletin. Please send SAE for publications list.

BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, England

Sumac Centre
Nottingham Sumac Centre (formerly the Rainbow Centre) provides resources for local groups and individuals actively concerned by world issues such as human rights, animal rights, peace, social justice and the environment.

Now at : 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6HX
tel: 0845 458 9595
web: http://www.veggies.org.uk/rainbow/index.htm
email: sumac@veggies.org.uk

Realitea Cafe
Norwich-based. No longer has premises, but another one is planned.
email: dpoynton@cobaltmagazine.demon.co.uk

Sheffield Information Network
PO Box 567, Sheffield, S5 0YS

Worthing Anarchist Teapot
Infostall in Montague Street, Worthing (Holder's Corner - bandstand area) every Saturday from 11am(ish) 'til 1pm(ish)
Postal address: PO Box 4144, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 7NZ
email: infoshops@eco-action.org


Flor y Canto
web: http://www.florycanto.org

The Shamrock Infoshop and Community Center
New Infoshop in Eugene, Oregon
1020 West 3rd Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402 (Corner of Van Buren in the Whitaker neighborhood)
tel: 541-242-0943

Cascadia Forest
The space known as the Cascadia Forest Alliance Office, Portland, now also has an infoshop in its meeting room, twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday all day. Many zines and books that were at the Liberation Collective. Come on by the place has been changed up. In the evening we will have a letter writing party. Tea will be served and there's a hot plate if you had something you wanted to heat up, there might even be something good in the food not bombs box. There are two computers and couple desks for folks to use for activist projects. Come on by!

16th and SE Clinton.
open: Tuesday and Thursday, all day and probably till Midnight if it isn't to loud.
tel: 503-241-4879

Solidarity Books
New infoshop - (Feb.02)
860 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203-1705
tel: 317-822-8004
email: solidaritybooks@yahoo.com

Corner Books
Is a relatively new (Nov. 01) infoshop. We have used books for $1, free social action literature, and have weekly films on current topics.

Corner Books & Good Causes, 108A Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
Hours: Sat&Sun 1-5, spontaneously otherwise
email: CornerBooks@mail.com

deCleyre Cooperative
Liberated existence resource center.
787 Ellsworth, Memphis, TN 38111
tel: 901.458.9908
email: denny@tao.ca

Brian MacKenzie Center
Opening February 2002
9th and P St. NW. Washington, DC

Long Island Free Space
Presently on Long Island, New York, a group of activists, diy folks, and community members are organizing a infoshop/radical bookstore/show space/community center. This project, called the Free Space, is hoping to be open in the next year, and is being organized by the Modern Times Collective, an anarchist/autonomist/green network on the Island.
POB 7152, Garden City, NY 11530
tel: 516-616-3151
email: freespace@longislandrevolt

Albany Infoshop
Albany's first infoshop is just opening. We are working out the details in meeting after meeting. Once everything is calm (and i understand it all myself) we will send you some information.
PO BOX 2429, Albany, NY 12220
tel: 518-472-2330
email: MGNassau@aol.com

Stone Soup Collective, Orlando, FL
A radical free space and infoshop, open since sept 2000. (link added 18 Mar 01)
P.O. Box 720418 Orlando, Florida 32872
tel: 407-275-1174
email: us@stonesoupcollective.org The Farm
Is an intentional community for 30 years. We are a conference and video center and full time community with our own school , etc.

We are a green lifestyles community on 1700 acres in middle Tennessee. 200 people 30 years on the land. We hold conferences, make and distribute videos, weekly guerilla theater videos at our community dinner. We offer our audio-video production company to produce movement videos and have our own local radio station.
The Farm, Village Media
PO Box 259, Summertown Tn. 38483
tel: 931 964 2590
email: villagemedia@villagemedia.com

233 Freedom & Mutual Aid Centre
Infoshop had to close, but their phone number is now the 'Anarchist Action Hotline' for updates on events in the Portland radical community.
phone: 503-223-6696

The Autonomous Zone
"A matter of meeting information authority with information disturbance..."
A collectively run shop-front infoshop with a lending library (with books, videos, and zines) and new books and zines available for a donation. The A-Zone hosts the Free Skool, educational and social events, and has meeting space for groups and collectives. They've also got a full kitchen, computer lab, bike shop, darkroom and a basement for shows. Sounds cool! If you're in Chicago check it out.
2129 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois
mailing address: 1573 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60622
Tel: 773-460-0237
email: azone@wwa.com
open: Mon-Fri 6-9pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm.

Arise Resource Center and Bookstore
We are a collectlively run infoshop offering meeting space, office space, and reseach facilities for the Twin Cities activist community and the community at large. Groups activley meeting currently are; ARA, NORML, Minnesotans for a United Ireland, Mumia Coalition, Women's Prison Book Project, and Free Radio.
2441 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55405
open:9am-8pm everyday.

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center and Library
We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit collective celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the opening of our space later this month. (Jan 01) As part of the indymedia movement, the U-C IMC provides the community with technology, know-how and information to facilitate the creation of media of all types that matter to the community, from print to radio to the WWW, free from corporate sponsorship. The library holds a growing number of materials in print, audio and video from alternative and/or small, independent publishers as well as independently produced zines, alternative journals and a media archive of work produced by IMC members.
218 West Main Street in Urbana, IL 61801
tel: 217-344-8820
open: every day, noon-9pm on Sun., Tues., and Sat., 4-9 all other days.
email: jacobs@students.uiuc.edu

Civic Media Center
1021 W. University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601
phone: 352-373-0010
open: Tues-Sat 2pm-7.30pm, Sun 2-6pm

Brycc House
Have a small zine and book library/reading room that is relatively new and collectively organized. We don't have materials for sale but we do have a check-out procedure.
1055 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204
phone: 502-456-1006
email: liz@brycchouse.org
open: Wed-Thurs 3-9pm, Fri 3-10pm, Sat noon-10pm, Sun noon-9pm.

Black Oyster Infoshop
Formed in Feb. 02 and offers a free and alternative forum for various events in Williamsburg, Virginia such as poetry readings, discussions, film presentations. Anarchist and other radical literature also available.

Has been low-key during the summer, but in a couple of weeks we will have a meeting and open up shop again, with activities planned.
206 South Boundary Street, Williamsburg, VA 23187

de Cleyre Co-operative/Liberated Existence Resource Centre
787 Ellsworth, Memphis, Tennessee
(U of M area - first street west of Highland, between Douglass and Carnes)
phone: 901-458-9907
email: dennyhenke@tao.ca

Long Haul Infoshop
3124 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705
phone: 510-540-0751
email: resist@burn.ucsd.edu

Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
phone: 617-267-7413
hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-9am, Sunday 12pm-6pm
email: lucyparsons@tao.ca

People for a Free Society
Cat' D, PO Box 711012, Los Angeles, CA 90071
email: pfafs_cat@hotmail.com

Secret Sailor Books
202 N. Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47404
phone: (812)333-9519
email: secretsailor@tofuequalslove.com
open: Monday through Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-6


Kontrapunkt Infocafe
At the moment we're out of action as we have no space.
Mailing address: Aco Popadic, Rada Vilotijevica I/6, 36000 Kraljevo, Yugoslavia
email: kontra@PTT.yu